What’s So Great About Argan Oil?

Since purchasing the Eco Styler argan oil formula, I’ve been looking into the numerous benefits of argan oil, dubbed “liquid gold,” for hair and skin. Below, I’ve succinctly summed up all there is to know about Moroccan argan oil. What … Continue reading

Kitchen Chemistry // Using Beer for Strengthening and Heat Damage

Now, I’ve heard of this before and I do believe I may have tried it before wayyy back when I first went natural, but I don’t remember the results. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it again. The beer … Continue reading

Nail Trends of Fall 2012

This year’s Fall trends incorporate hot new color blends, textures, and top coats, including suede, leather, rubber, and velvet! Check these out… Nail Trends: Ombré Nails & Glitter These nails are GORGEOUS and my personal favorite! The Ombré look has … Continue reading