The Mango Butter Disaster

I tried something a little different last night and this morning.

Last night, I cooked up a small jar of clove-olive oil and did a pre-poo with it. I let that sit overnight. Fine. This morning, I washed my hair and conditioned, then did my ACV rinse. Great. In fact, the scent of clove lingered from the pre-poo and masked the odor my ACV rinse gives off and made it smell like spice drops and tart apple slices, instead. Wonderful! It’s important to mention that I don’t rinse the diluted ACV out, I use it as a final rinse to partially rinse out my conditioner. Keeping that in mind, I let my hair dry a bit (about 60% as usual), BUT instead of sealing with my oil mix or plain jojoba oil like I normally do, I melted some mango butter until it was completely liquid and applied it to my damp hair. Again, fine… at least until it began to dry. It was then I realized the mango butter and the ACV had reacted. The mango butter now has a very thick consistency, more difficult to emulsify and it is visible on my hair. It has turned the mango butter into something of a wax-like putty consistency. Live and learn.



What’s funny is I was attempting to make some homemade potato chips last night and I soaked the potato slices in white vinegar (I was making salt and vinegar flavored chips) and when I pulled them out to fry the vinegar made the slices extra crisp and hard instead of firm, but soft textured. Epic foreshadowing. I didn’t think to relate that reaction to my hair and mango butter this morning.

I’m going to attempt to rinse this ickiness out with some warm water. I just had to document this experience for future reference. smh