Tori’s Regimen & Products

Braid-out on freshly washed hair

Braid-out on freshly washed hair

***PLEASE READ: I do not have a superhero strict regimen. I simply try to pay attention to what my hair needs and adjust accordingly. I am currently trying to simplify my products to the most effective and cost-efficient. This page is subject to change based on improvements to my hair care routine.***


20140828-225922.jpgI wash my hair once a week using the most unlikely product; a bar of soap, a bar of glycerin-based soap! I use Dial brand with vitamin B and my hair loves the extra boost in moisture and conditioning it receives. Not to mention, the slip it provides while detangling is yet unmatched and a little goes a long way. The lather is rich, creamy, and foamy with just a single swipe. I do still use my ultimate favorite clay wash recipe (seen below) as a special treat when I have time, but not regularly like I did before. The soap is no muss, no fuss and shortens wash time significantly (it doesn’t take a few hours to half the day anymore).

I separate my hair into about 8-10 sections and loosely twist each one. I get my hair thoroughly soaked with hot water and go through, twist-by-twist, unravelling, swiping once with the glycerin soap, scrubbing my scalp with the pads of my fingers, working the soap down to my ends by raking my fingers through/detangling, and finally re-twisting. Once each section is clean and thoroughly detangled, I rinse in-twists with hot water.

Reconstruction/Protein Treatment

imageI do not have a set schedule for protein treatments anymore. My diet is high in protein since switching to a predominantly vegan and vegetarian diet and many of the products I use for moisturizing and styling contain some form of protein. However, depending on the feel of my hair while washing with the glycerin soap, if it’s starting to feel a bit too gummy, I will periodically do a protein treatment with one of three recipes (also seen below) prior to using my deep conditioner. I go completely Kitchenista when it comes to protein, because I just don’t trust store-bought products in this area; I’ve heard too many horror stories. I will use a few different recipes consisting of some combination Fage plain Greek yogurt, real mayonnaise, coconut oil, castor oil, Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut or Rainforest Fresh conditioners, and/or honey, depending on what items I currently have in stock. I apply my protein mixture in the same manner as the soap, raking it through, but I only apply it to the last 3/4 of my hair (mayo and yogurt stink terribly when you can’t get it all out so I keep away from my roots). I then cover my hair with a plastic bag and wait for about 30 minutes or more before completely rinsing it out by undoing and re-twisting one section at a time to ensure all product is removed.

Conditioning/Deep Conditioning

20140612-064558.jpgAs much as I love Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut and Rainforest Fresh conditioners, there’s a new kid in town. Creme of Nature, a brand I used when I was relaxed, has a line of argan oil products, including the new addition to my favorite conditioners, Intensive Conditioning Treatment. I’m not a fan of the repugnant, strong artificial argan oil scent, but I love what it does for my hair. Because of the glycerin soap, my hair is much more receptive to the conditioner so a little of this goes a long way as well. I apply this to the last 3/4 of my hair, focusing on my ends, and re-twist. I don another plastic bag and sit under heat for 15 minutes before covering with a T-shirt for another 30 minutes or so (I tend to get distracted and lazy at this point since this is the last step of the wash process so the time may be longer). Then, I thoroughly rinse with cold water in-twists, cover with a T-shirt, and very gently squeeze excess water out.

Moisturizing & Styling

For moisturizing, I altered my Elixir recipe (new recipe below) to balance out all of the moisture my hair is now retaining via my new products. Essentially, it’s just a diluted version since I no longer require all the extra moisture the original recipe provided. I 20140612-064609.jpgspritz with the new and improved Elixir, apply argan oil Eco Styler, then seal with my creamy shea butter recipe (also below), giving extra attention to my ends, raking each product through as I apply them. From there, I either braid or flat-twist in eight to ten sections, use my T-shirt to squeeze excess product out, and either sit under a very low heat (warm) source until 90% dry and then air dry, if I’m pressed for time, or just let it air dry. I try to complete my wash day process when I have two consecutive days off so I can let my hair air dry for a full day and forgo heat, but of course, that isn’t always possible.

I prefer to keep my hair in some kind of protective style; goddess twists, buns, other updos, or tucked under marley hair. My hair seems to only retain length when protective styling for extended periods of time so I have had to make it a part of my routine, only allowing myself to wear it out or down for certain occasions.


I have been scissor-happy in the past and I have had to force myself to understand that I will never be able to completely do away with splits so now I only dust when my ends are split and haven’t been trimmed in a few months. I have been making more of an effort to preserve my ends and gradually cut away old, frayed pieces, resulting in healthier ends and reduced splits. The addition of argan oil and glycerin to my hair care routine has helped monumentally with the preservation of my ends.

Kitchenista Product Recipes

PLEASE READ!! The amounts in these recipes are mostly rough estimations as I usually eyeball the amounts.

Homemade clay wash & deep treatment

Homemade clay wash & deep treatment

Clay Wash (compare to Terressentials)

This recipe is formulated for my mid-back length hair. If your hair is shorter or longer, adjust amounts accordingly.

2 tbsp rhassoul clay powder
3 tbsp bentonite clay powder
1 tsp honey
1 cup organic green tea
Suave Naturals conditioner (Tropical Coconut or Rainforest Fresh) or other conditioner of choice to thicken the mixture into a pudding-like consistency

Mix the powder and honey into a grainy paste then add warm green tea gradually while stirring constantly. Add conditioner to desired volume and consistency (I prefer a soupy pudding)

Protein Treatment I

1/4 cup Fage plain Greek yogurt
2 tbsp real mayonnaise
1 tsp honey
1 tsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp castor oil
A few squirts of Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner or other conditioner of choice (optional)

Apply to the last 3/4 of hair to avoid the smell lingering in hair at roots. Let sit under a plastic cap/bag for a few minutes to 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use heat to help treatment better penetrate.

Protein Treatment II

1 can coconut milk
1 tsp honey (optional)
1/2 tsp castor oil (optional)

Apply from ends to roots and let sit under plastic cap/bag for 45 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use heat to help treatment better penetrate shaft.

Protein Treatment III

1/4 cup Fage plain Greek yogurt OR real mayonnaise
1 tsp honey
1/2 tsp castor oil
Warm organic green tea or water (to desired consistency)

Combine ingredients and apply to last 3/4 of hair. Let sit under plastic cap/bag for at least 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use heat to help treatment better penetrate.

New and Improved Elixir

The amounts for this recipe are not exact. The oils should only be a compliment to the water and conditioner.

Spray bottle
6 oz Lukewarm water
1 squirt Suave Tropical Coconut or Rainforest Fresh conditioner or conditioner of choice
1/4 tsp Coconut oil
1/8 tsp castor oil
1/8 tsp soybean or blended oil

Combine in spray bottle and shake until conditioner clumps dissolve. Shake before each use to keep oils mixed.

Creamy Shea Butter Mix

A good rule of thumb for this recipe is three parts shea butter to one part coconut oil. The other oils should only compliment.

3/4 cup softened unrefined shea butter
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 tsp soybean or blended oil
1/4 tsp castor oil

Beat shea butter until smooth. Add remaining ingredients and whip until the mixture is of a loose cake batter consistency. If it’s too thick, add more coconut oil. Store in airtight container in cool, dry place.

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