Tai’s Regime

I know more often than not most natural haired ladies maintain a sturdy hair regimen. I’ll be honest I’m pretty flexible with mine. Even though my seasonal regimen doesn’t vary too much, what I typically use does. The biggest part of my regimen is that I push for 64oz of water daily. I may not always hit it but I try. I also take a multi-vitamin once a day, so far no extra supplements this year. In my staples I keep a jar of Cantu leave-in moisturizer (which I learned the hard way does not always play nice with my hair), some form of blue magic, olive/tea tree/castor oil in a spray bottle. I tried the L.O.C. method and found that during the warmer seasons I L.C.O, and in the cooler seasons I L.O.C.O. mostly because my hair is naturally dry.


I cheat this a little because my liquid is actually my cream. My hair doesn’t respond well to liquid leave ins, so Cantu it is! I apply the Cantu leave-in to my scalp, I have half the jar set aside and mixed with tea tree oil. Only a few drops of tea tree oil at that, since a little goes a long way. After the scalp application I dab a little onto my large sections and work it all the way to my ends. In comes my oil mix in a spray bottle to help me seal as I twist up my hair for the night.


For the colder months, my liquid is actually the Jamaican Lime braid spray. My hair responds well to the moisture and for me, it actually plays nice with the Cantu without adverse flaking. I always oil my scalp with my oil mix during the fall/winter. The castor oil is usually more dominant because the heavier oil treats my scalp like the sweetheart it is, without giving me any issues with super oily hair. Now my cream can vary. I’ll use Cantu in the fall, but during the harsher cold, I’ll mix my Blue Magic Coconut oil with the old school Pink oil or the Cantu hairdressing and go to town with that on my hair. Some people shy from grease, I welcome it. It used to work on my hair as a child, and it actually helped me with retention this past winter. That is the uphill battle for me during the winter, I kid you not. Keep in mind though, I mix the three together until it is loose and creamy, and I’m never heavy-handed with it. With my “cream” being so heavy, I seal my hair with olive oil and I’ll baggy my hair overnight at least twice a week. Deep Conditioners Summer/spring I always cowash with Aussie moist (oh Lawd sulfates)


I get a positive response from Ms. Contrary red curls, and on occasion I’ll do a deep condition with it by whipping it with a little olive oil and Queen Helene cholesterol. You probably see a lot of old faithfuls in my Regimen. Some things always worked, others just gives my newbies a boost. Fall/Winter I’m still working on a good winter routine that doesn’t break my bank. I’m trying to shop more at whole food stores, and it is bugging me. I’ll probably be buying in bulk online once my pocket is more forgiving this year. I rotated my dc month to month this past year because for a minute there my hair had me worried. I once used the Organics Deep Replenishing Packs once a week or every two weeks, we stopped being good friends. That made me search high and low for something new. I’m unbiased about some products, but I still try to stay on the lower end of sulfate based dcs, nothing great comes from them for me. The winter began to consist of cream of nature’s conditioners mixed with the packs and a little olive oil. I’ll be trying Shea Moisture’s line soon. I always try to stick to it for a month or two so I can get an idea of the effects on my hair. 🙂 It’s a work in progress so expect this to change fairly soon! Sidenote: posting from my phone tonight so forgive the lack of photos!


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