2Kinky Ladies is all about growing healthy natural hair from the inside out through a healthy lifestyle. We post our personal experiences (our aha! moments and our fails) not only to document our journey, but also to help others on their journey through learning from our triumphs and mistakes.

We are two people with two very different heads of hair. While I have a good idea of what my kinky-curly hair likes as far as products, I struggle with length retention. Tai has gone natural more times than anyone I know and is still looking for the right products and regime for her kinky hair. We don’t profess to be experts. We are students in this journey of natural hair care seeking to be experts on OUR hair and share what we learn (and maybe even save you a few bucks on products *wink wink*).

We hope you enjoy the blog and help support us by sharing our posts, telling a friend, participating in our giveaways, and maybe even being a Featured Natural. Welcome to our journey. Peace & Love

Want to know more about us? Click the links below for our individual profile pages.

Tori (CherishBomb)

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