Breaking Natural News // U.S. Army Revises Restrictions on Hairstyles to Be More Inclusive of Natural-Haired African-American Women


The U.S. Army released its latest policy on hairstyles for women in uniform today. Priorly, hairstyles were strictly limited to a handful of styles, the majority of which were noninclusive of African-American women with natural hair. The concern then was that kinky-haired African-American women were being discriminated against. Citizens and service members alike made known their feelings over the insensitive restrictions known, with opinions falling on both sides of the fence. Most felt the policy unfairly targeted black female service members while others argued it was simply a matter of field and equipment safety, not racial prejudice. Once opinions got heated, African-American lawmakers challenged the uniform regulations and forced the Army’s new hairstyle policy, put into effect earlier this year, to be put under review for possible revision. It would seem they were successful in their efforts to get the Army to let up in the austere regulations as the newly published revisions are effective immediately and now authorize twists as a temporary style and allow for cornrows, twists, and braids to be up to 1/2 inch in diameter and uniform in appearance, giving female soldiers more options while still maintaining the air of professionalism and allowing proper use of equipment and attire. In addition to those revisions, the diameter allowed for buns has been raised from 3 inches to 3 1/2 inches. The restrictions on the diameter of gathered hair remain at 2 inches. Dreadlocks, however, are still prohibited, but the previous implicative language of “matted and unkempt” has been removed. For more information on this story, read the article directly from the U.S. Army website.

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