Length Retention Plateau: Stuck at the Same Length for Over a Year and a Half


I have to own up to the fact that I have been stuck between BSL and grazing MBL for more than a year. Why? Whenever I retain a few inches, I start slacking in my hair care routine, I obsess over splits and get scissor happy, and/or I wear my hair out too much, resulting in nasty splits and breakage. This time, I have lost about 1 3/4 in without even noticing it.

The last time I did a length check, I was only a few inches away from my waist with fairytale ends (about 2 inches past my bra strap). Today after taking down my hair, I noticed it was a little shorter than I remembered. The truth is that I have been picking up extra hours at work and found I don’t have as much time to do my hair anymore so I’ve been putting it on the back burner and not consistently following my new routine. Big mistake. My hair was out, dry, I was manipulating it more to give the appearance of it being taken care of, I skipped washes, and conked out nightly without my satin scarf. Terrible. My hair is back to BSL once more and I’m frustrated with myself. Overcoming BSL and MBL is a much harder struggle than overcoming APL. The ends are much older and more difficult to preserve so I need to be more diligent about caring for them. I decided Moroccan argan oil would go a long way toward helping protect my ends from breakage.

I read up on argan oil after revamping my gel supply with Eco Styler’s argan oil formula. I initially selected it on a whim since it was a formula I hadn’t tried yet, but after learning more about argan oil, I was glad I did since it is exactly what my hair needs. Apparently, it’s an excellent oil for strengthening against breakage, conditioning, heat protection, and frizz reduction, among other things. This information prompted me to search for pure argan oil, but it’s ridiculously pricey, cited as “liquid gold,” so I opted for products that contain a significant amount of argan oil instead. I walked out of the store with a few products that aren’t all necessarily natural/organic, but I decided I was okay with that since I have done the organic, homemade products challenge for a while now and I (and my hair) loved it, but maybe it was time for me to embrace and experiment with other products. It’s fine to have staples, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment to see if there is something better. My hair is still wet, but so far, so good. I will be writing an initial review of those products shortly.

In any case, this breakage has been a wakeup call. My hair is demanding weekly washing and more frequent moisturizing during the week. I’ll just have to perfect protective styles I can do when my hair is still damp, but I need to get to work. As much as I like having my hair out, it’s time to go into intensive protective styling until I reach my next length goal. I must protective style throughout the week again. For those days when I want my hair in some kind of “out” style, I have purchased some marley hair to give the appearance of loose hair. I don’t want to see my hair for a full year, save weekly wash days. That sounds extreme and difficult for someone like me who loves playing in hair, but I mean to commit to it. I need to learn to leave my hair alone. I have a feeling flat twists and buns will be my best friends. For added protection and care for my hair, I will spritz water and coconut oil every other day and dip my bobby pins in my liquid shea butter mixture before inserting them into my hair. This is going to be so difficult, but I hope the results will make up for it. Whenever I give myself a protective style challenge, I retain a few inches and then set myself back by slipping into old habits. Not this time. Wish me luck! Peace & Love

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