Makeup Update – Where have I been?

Hello lovely internet beauties! It’s me, Christina, the MIA makeup blogger. Apologies to Tori, for not posting, but I actually have good reasons and they do not include laziness!

Ok, I believe my last post was sometime in January of this year (SMH). In the beginning of February, I started working a little more, stepping up my Youtube game, and I guess I pushed myself too far. I started getting these strange, PAINFUL chest pains where it was difficult to breathe. Went to the hospital, and they never found ANYTHING. Nothing on the EKG, x-rays, bloodwork, urine, nothing, nothing. They concluded it was just STRESS and here I still was – hard to breathe! In the end, my mom diagnosed me with chest congestion. I lived on prescription strength congestion/mucous allergy medicine and FINALLY I could breathe!

Then after that, horrible experience, I got a puppy! I know, so random. When I returned back to work, a client came in with nearly frozen puppies his dog had sniffed out on the side of the road. I took one, my boss took one, and a receptionist took one. I bottled fed him and fostered him until I could find a home for him. I think a good use my time.

Rye Bread Growth

After that and most recently, I joined a NEW company called Arbonne which specializes in premium botanically-based products for skin and body, hair, nutrition, and cosmetics. Essentially, they give people the opportunity to transformed their lives to a healthier, greener alternative since none of their products contains harsh chemicals, dyes, mineral oil, fragrances. They are pH balanced and hypoallergenic too. I admit, the makeup junkie in me was why I was originally interested, but I decided to jump on board because there are a growing number of people looking for better products that are not going to cause more harm than good to themselves and their families in the long run…..and I wanted to make extra money too =].



So that’s what I have been up too! I hope all is well for everyone who is reading this and THANK YOU for reading this too =]

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