When All Else Fails – Wig It?

Protecting our hair this winter season has been the struggle! And my oh my, the struggle has been real for some natural sistas out there. Fear not, there’s options. Well, at least mine were braid, cover and wig it up. I started with the simple LCO method that I typically do prior to bedtime. If I know I’ll be out most of the day in the cool air, I’ll LCO, braid my hair, and then use the greenhouse method to try to maintain most of the moisture that my hair has encountered. The next morning I will air dry, throw on a wig cap and rock one of my favorite protective styles- my wig!


The curly, bouncy jet black cover-up stays on snug throughout the day. My braided Afro gets to breathe on my lunch break if I can spare a few moments at home, and then the wig is back on for the rest of the day.
Admittedly I was never really a wig wearer until after I went natural.

I would do sew-ins or braids but wouldn’t see myself in a wig.

I love a wig as an option because there are times that I miss my hair. All I have to do is whip it off!


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