I’m a Minimalist Kitchenista, What Are You? // The 5 Hair Archetypes Pre-Review


I’ve been seeing some buzz around this book by YouTube guru and blogger Sharifa Barnett, aka MsKibibi. The book is titled The 5 Hair Archetypes and discusses the many myths and misinformation surrounding black hair care and growth, such as terminal length, trimming habits, and products, and offers solutions to common hair problems by teaching healthier hair habits according to the archetype(s) the reader falls under. Within the pages are a treasure trove of useful information and anecdotes to help readers maintain healthy hair while reaching their hair goals as well as a breakage solution chart and the hair archetype quiz, which you can take at 5HairArchetypes.com. I took the quiz and confirmed that I am a Minimalist Kitchenista, meaning I like to keep my hair care routine as simple as possible and prefer to use edible homemade products over store-bought. Barnett recommends that the quiz be taken every six months to assess which archetype the reader’s current regimen complies with and how to adapt their healthy hair routine accordingly. Take the quiz and see where you stand.

The thorough coverage of natural hair concerns and the breakage chart is what really draws me to this book. I expect it to be sort of a reference book for natural hair I can learn a great deal from so I’m pretty excited to read it. I’m really not one for reading natural hair books, but after seeing a sneak peek into its pages, I’m definitely interested in seeing more.

More information and testimonials about The 5 Hair Archetypes as well as hair care tips can be found at MsKibibi.com. The book can be purchased in paperback ($24.99), iPad, Nook, and Kindle formats (all $9.99).

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