I’m Done. I Relaxed My Hair

JUST KIDDING!! this past week marked the end of my protective styling challenge so I decided to wear it straight as a treat. I only flat ironed it after botching an experiment with a no-heat straightening method (my hair was too damp when I took it down). A lot of people were shocked that I straightened it, including my husband. It was the first time I’d straightened in, at least, over a year. My hair is definitely in between mid-back length and inching closer to waist length, which I am excited about.


I used nothing but refined coconut oil as a heat protectant and turned the heat up just high enough where I could pass the flat iron over twice only. Before flat ironing, I dusted my ends, deep conditioned with Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner, and then I stretched my hair into a no-heat blow-out method using curlers on wet hair and wrapping (the botched straightening). Achieving the blow-out style without using heat allowed me to minimize the amount of heat required for the whole straightening process, which is something I’ve always been wary about.

I feel the need to mention that after the second day of straight hair, I was over it and the hubby was too. We both missed my curly poof. I tried to keep it straight for a week, but my hair was screaming at me to curl and the water was calling like a siren at sea. On the fourth day, I finally said “screw it” and drenched my hair in the shower until it curled, detangled a bit, and did a deep protein treatment with coconut milk to help my curls bounce back. I haven’t noticed any heat damage as far as permanently straight or semi-straight pieces or loosened curls so that is a relief. Even when using heat protectants, there is always that fear in the back of your mind that your hair might not revert so there is always a sigh of relief involved there. It feels so good to have my curls back! I moisturized with plain water and Suave Naturals Rainforest Fresh conditioner and sealed with my shea butter pomade. Now, my hair is super manageable, shiny, and soft, especially after doing another dusting to eliminate splits in their early stages. That coconut milk did the damn thang.

Initially, I thought I looked strange with straight hair again; I could see the resemblance between myself and my little sister. I never kept it down unless I was wearing a knit cap and mostly kept it clipped up, twisted, or in a ponytail. To be honest, I found myself at a loss for imaginative styles and reverted back to my old relaxer styles with an updated touch. All-in-all, it was fun while it lasted, but…

i love my curls.

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