Is the Neo Natural Hair Movement Over??


According to Black Media Scoop, it is! The article cites that salon stylists are reporting increased orders of relaxers and other products for chemically treated hair. Curiously enough, most natural women claim the creamy crack is whack. If anything, with hair care companies making significant effort to cater to kinky hair, the movement is in full swing.

Below is a copy of the article. The original post from Black Media Scoop can be found here.

The natural hair movement started gaining steam years ago. Black women across the country let the perms grow out or shaved their heads to get back to their natural roots. Advertisement It was huge! Hair care companies started catering to this new look and stocking store shelves with products geared toward natural hair styles. Companies even changed up their ad game to get sistahs to buy their products. For example, a Dark and Lovely TV commercial encourages women to embrace their own chemically unaltered hair instead. A Black model struts around and flaunts her coily-textured hair: “Get unstoppable curls that defy shrinkage,” the ad boasts.

There was good reason for the change…MONEY! Between 2006 and 2011, relaxer kit sales dropped 17%. Afros were taking the world by storm — and it scared these million-dollar hair corporations whose cash flow depend on black women slapping chemicals onto their kinks to pull a 180. But…uh…these companies may soon be switching back. Hair stylists across the country say many of their clients are switching back to relaxers. Stylists claim they’re now having to order more relaxer kits and other hair care products geared towards chemically treated hair.

So what da hell is happening?

1. It’s High Maintenance… Stylists say many of their clients just got tired of the upkeep. Natural hair can be high maintenance and many working women don’t have the time to dedicate to keeping their hair right and tight.

2. Bringing Sexy Back… Many women also say the natural look just didn’t make them feel sexy. The natural hair styles didn’t give them the versatility they need to be creative and feel beautiful, sexy, freaky in their own skin. We all know that can be a big problem lol!

3. Breaking The Bank… Money also played a factor. The price of natural hair care products can add up…especially when you’re trying to figure out which products work best for your hair type. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Why do YOU think it’s happening? How many of you went natural and then switched back?


Is the neo-natural hair movement over or are Black Media Scoop and salon stylist wrong?

4 thoughts on “Is the Neo Natural Hair Movement Over??

  1. There are some people who will give up simply because they don’t like doing their own hair, and to them permed hair is easier. I’m in a routine with my hair, and I don’t consider it high maintenance. I do see others struggling with their natural hair, which I don’t understand because there’s just too much information on YouTube. If you don’t know what to do ask somebody, or go on You Tube!

  2. I disagree. I certainly haven’t gone back to the creamy crack…well for naturals, that’s conditioner and it can be as cheap as a buck! I’m actually still transitioning to natural and though it was daunting in the beginning, think I’ve got the hang of it now. I was becoming disillusioned a few years ago and though would go many months without a retouch I just let it go almost a year ago and am slowly trimming away on my ends. I’ve convinced my sister to go natural so we’re “journeying” together.

    • I totally agree. I see more natural hair now than I did when I went natural four years ago. Back then, it was rare in my area. Plenty of my friends are starting to go natural now. The movement is going strong.

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