Vincent Longo Hydro Stick in Aqualily

I keep the cap on to prevent the product from drying out

The Vincent Longo Hydro Stick ($25 USD) in Aqualily is a pink shade with lots of shimmer.

Here is the description from the Vincent Longo website:
Enjoy a modern approach to skin bronzing with Hydro Stick. This new, mostly water technology, leaves the skin feeling refreshed and intensely cool while looking subtly tanned. It feels moist and nearly wet upon immediate application and sets quickly to long-lasting color. Skin will feel cool, uplifted and hydrated, while looking radiant and glowing. A sensory experience and beautiful skin finish.
Product Benefits
  • Luminous, natural finish
  • High percentage of water for cooling effect and hydrating action
  • Long wearing gel base for all skin types
  • Pigments that deliver true color
  • Spherical powders for glide and comfort
  • Sheer, buildable coverage
  • Easy to apply

I love that this product is a stick and it does feel very COOL on the skin. As far as the other benefits go, I would agree that this product is buildable and very blendable. BUT be forewarned! This Hydro Stick sets VERY QUICKLY like in about 10-15 seconds FAST. After it sets, it was almost impossible for me to blend it out on my skin.
It is very prone to melting so keep the inner cap ON IT to help with this. I love the color pay off that I get from this even after just a few swipes on the skin. I think the only thing I would complain about is that the color fades after a few hours, but at least it leaves a nice glow to the skin that doesn’t make me look oily at the end of the day. I also found that the color lasts a bit longer if I use it on top of foundation instead of JUST bare skin.

L: Two Swipes Unblended & R: Two Swipes Blended In

L: Two Swipes Unblended & R: Two Swipes Blended In

All in all, I definitely will keep this as part of my arsenal of face highlighters. It’s creamy, cooling, non-irritating and with decent wear time in my personal opinion. I am really enjoying using this as part of my natural everyday looks! And I definitely recommend though if you can find it on Hautelook again for cheaper, GO FOR CHEAPER! It was $14 on their website =]

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