Shea Butter Deep Treatment + L.A. Looks Gel Mishap


These pictures were taken before I put my hair in a bun.

My hair was feeling thirsty two days ago so decided hop in the shower for some heavy duty moisturizing. I wet my hair with hot water and detangled with my Goody brand Denman knockoff, which melted my tangles away like a dream aided by nothing more than water pressure. I spritzed heavily with my herbal infusion and scrubbed my scalp a little bit then applied a generous amount of whipped shea butter pomade. At this point, I put on a plastic bag and used a hot towel to generate steam. I left it on for a few hours this time. Well, I took the bag off and my hair was quite oily from the shea butter so I squeezed the excess out with cotton fabric, braided, air dried a bit, then tied it down.

The next day, my hair was still a little damp, so again, I squeezed excess product out and let it air dry. Once it finally dried, my hair was super shiny, soft, and smooth. It was wonderful! I took it down yesterday to see the full results and I was more than satisfied. Sometimes the state of my hair in twists and braids can be misleading as far as expectations of final results so when I unraveled the braids and the moisture, shine, and softness was still present, I was excited. The thyme and sage in my herbal infusion also gently cleansed my scalp. My only issue was that my hair began to frizz when I separated. I chalked that up to not using a gel, but I was running behind and needed to get to work so I quickly scooped it into a protective style and went on my way.


Before bed last night, I figured I would braid my hair again rather than pineapple so I could try again with gel (LA Looks Sport). Mistake. I took my hair down today expecting minimal frizz and the same smooth, silky softness as the day before. Smh Mmh-mmh. The gel seems to have sucked out some of the moisture, making my hair too light, my hair is still soft (particularly at the roots), but the ends are a little crisp, and it’s a little oily and sticky to the touch. So now when I shake my hair, rather than it separating clumps and falling back down, it sticks out a little as if I had my hair in a high ponytail then let it go. I hate that. I like a little weight. That’s why I use heavier oils. That made me conclude that the best way to use this gel for defining is the way I did it previously; moisturize, seal, braid, THEN smooth a dime-sized amount of gel over each braid. This time, I made the mistake of using nothing but gel over my hair BEFORE braiding and then again AFTER braiding. Way too much for this gel, especially without spritzing. It has a super strong hold, but I tend to forget that and be too heavy-handed. On the plus side, there’s a lot less frizz, comparably (would have been none if I hadn’t applied so much gel, ironically), so the braid-out came out nice otherwise and the herbal infusion/shea butter pomade was an impeccable deep treatment. With the reduced weight, though, I didn’t want to leave it down for the day like I normally do after a fresh braid-out so I scooped it into a protective bun early. It looks great, it just doesn’t feel as great as it looks. -sigh- Live and learn. Should’ve just left it alone and simply spritzed and braided, but no. That’s ok. I’m still cute. Peace & Love







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