Tea & Herbs // An Organic Shampoo Alternative?


Sadly, I’m almost out of bentonite and rhassoul clay -ultra sad face- after God knows how long (seems like it took forever to get dangerously low) and as much as I love my clay wash and its fabulous results, I have deliberated to do some experimenting with another CG-friendly no-poo method; tea rinsing. Yep, tea isn’t just for drinking; it’s also a shampoo alternative!

What is tea rinsing?

Simply put, it’s infusing tea (and other herbs) to wash your hair and/or reap the benefits of each blend of herbs. Depending on the tea and the cleanse/rinse recipe, the benefits can include increased shine, conditioning, decreased shedding, soothing scalp, dandruff prevention, and strengthening, to name a few.

Why choose tea rinsing?

Well, one reason is that I have been making an overall shift in my life to use more natural ingredients and remedies. I want to take it a step further by using only organic, edible ingredients in my hair care routine. Another reason is that I like to have cost efficient and readily available alternatives to all my products in case I’m ever in a pinch. I have yet to find a worthy substitute for my clay wash and–although, I doubt there is one–it’s time to start looking for one. Better safe than sorry. Lastly, this organic method of cleansing is allegedly gentle enough that it will remove dirt, but won’t completely strip my hair and scalp of sebum like sulfates.

Does it work?

I, myself, haven’t tried it yet, but I have heard many good things about it. To my understanding, the real cleansing comes from an ingredient such as baking soda, apple cider vinegar, or an herb or root containing saponin (i.e. yuca/cassava root). Fun Fact: Native Americans used to make soap from the juice of the yuca root. Tea rinses are gentle cleansers and won’t remove build-up from silicones or other unnatural ingredients. Thus, this method is more suited for people who already use natural or organic products. If it’s something you’re interested in, I suggest “detoxing” with your current shampoo before trying it out.

After doing quite a bit of research and reading many testimonials, I have decided to experiment with a few recipes. I have some organic green tea as well as organic chamomile, fresh organic rosemary, and fresh organic sage ready for infusing and I will be experimenting with all three of the above mentioned cleansing ingredients (baking soda, ACV, and yuca root since it’s easily purchased saponin-containing ingredient). I’m superhero excited for my next wash day to see if this method works for me. -crossed fingers- Not to mention, I’m eager to document my results for those whose curiosity may be piqued. Expect videos. Peace & Love

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