Greek Yogurt & Honey Protein Treatment

20131204-142049.jpg2nd day hair; a little frizzy, but still on point to say I didn’t use gel.

I had a great experience with a greek yogurt deep treatment I want to share. My hair felt like it needed some TLC so I gave it a good wash with a plain rhassoul/bentonite solution then applied a mixture of 2 tbsp of plain greek yogurt, 1 tsp of honey, and 2 tsp of coconut oil for a protein treatment. I let it sit in my hair for at least two or three hours (quite by accident, mind you, I fell asleep) before washing it out with warm water. While rinsing my hair, I immediately noticed that it sort of felt coated in a similar fashion to my beer rinses, but not quite. The best way to describe it is that my hair felt strengthened and it held and clumped my natural curl pattern a lot better without the aid of product. It was almost as if I applied flaxseed gel. I followed the protein treatment with a cold rinse to smooth the cuticles and moved on to moisturizing.

I decided to swap my trusty Elixir out for an organic spritz recipe in an effort to go completely organic, edible, and homemade with my products. I used a fresh rosemary and sage infusion with a little coconut oil, honey, and touch of soybean oil. It smells pretty great, if you like rosemary and sage and it has the added benefits of stimulating circulation to the scalp, being antibacterial, increasing shine, and relieving irritated, dandruff ridden scalps. Using my new spritz, the first thing I noticed was that my fluctuating low/normal porosity hair was now at a solid low porosity thanks to the protein treatment. The rosemary-sage infusion simply rolled down to my ends. My hair was virtually water-repellent! I carried on spritzing, applying shea butter pomade, and braiding, then I covered my hair with a plastic bag and started blowdrying to help the infusion spritz and shea butter penetrate and seal better. It was a heated deep conditioning treatment, essentially. My hair loved it! It feels incredible! It feels stronger, the curls have a soft, springy hold, there is a noticeable shine. If you didn’t know any better, you would think I applied a gel before braiding.


I’m having the best hair day! This greek yogurt & honey treatment is the business. It’s like my hair has been completely restored. This combination of products works incredibly well in my hair and I’m extremely pleased with the results. Of course, I still have two bottles of Suave Naturals to use up and I have no intention of eliminating them from my arsenal any time soon as my hair does respond well to them. However, they will be taking a backseat for a minute while I search for organic, edible ingredients to condition my hair. A big part of my hair journey now is simplifying down to the bare minimum, saving money, and knowing exactly what is going on my hair. If I can’t eat or drink it, I prefer not to use it in my hair anymore. I hope to eventually eliminate all store-bought products, replacing them with homemade products made from ingredients available in my kitchen, save shea butter and clay powders, obviously. Think of the coins I’ll save! xD Peace & Love



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