REVIEW: Stila Stay All Day Concealer in Warm 13

Hey there the Internet! I have a new makeup item to talk to you about. It’s not new to the makeup world, but it is new, well, fairly new because I have had it for a new months O.o

Onward with makeup talk! Ok, so as the title says, I wanted to write about this Stila Stay All Day concealer. I think most people will be familiar with the Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer. Stila decided to keep the concealer the same just removing the foundation from the equation and lowering the price. Alas, like all young joint makeup items, it was destined to be made to appeal to consumers out there that did not want a foundation just an awesome concealer like myself, and of course to make more product sales.

The following is right from the StilaCosmetics website stating the claims of this concealer:

“This creamy, full coverage concealer blends seamlessly to instantly neutralize under eye circles and hide skin imperfections, including blemishes and age spots, to create an impeccable canvas for flawless makeup application. Ultra long-wearing, this emollient, crease resistant formula is designed to Stay All Day® while looking and feeling natural on your skin.
Enriched with Vitamins A, C & E, this buttery formula provides antioxidant benefits while helping to prevent premature aging. Available in 16 shades so you’re assured to find one that is perfect for you”

I purchased this concealer from Ulta, and it was $23 and comes with 0.05oz of product. I purchased the shade Warm in number 13. It is a perfect match for (NW45) skintone, for all those MAC comparers out there, AND it’s not even the darkest shade out of the range, which makes me SO happy. I love when brands consider people of color and create a decent range of shades.

Anyway, rambling, let’s get to the product itself!

Shade- Warm 13

Well used concealer presently =]

Well used concealer presently =]

Ok, so for packing, the Stila Stay All Day Concealer comes in a hard plastic circle pot! It’s about the size of a silver dollar or a Snapple bottle cap (sorry, so THIRSTY!). I love the size because it is small, but it’s not so small that I feel I will lose it somewhere. And the snap closure is VERY durable and you do not need to worry about this randomly POPPING open and smearing product everywhere.

I love that has a little mirror on top just as it did connected to the foundation! The color Warm is a VERY yellow toned shade as you can see from the swatches below. BUT, it DOES warm up to match my skin after settling in after application. I really love the creamy texture and even though I have oily skin, it does not turn me into a grease ball at the end of the day. I do find that if I do not powder that my skin gets slightly dewy, but nothing dramatic. I use this product mostly on my acne scars since I do not think that my under eyes need a lot of attention. My under eyes do not like concealers and they ALWAYS seem to crease on me.

Unfortunately, for me this product proved to be the same. It creased whenever I put it on my “dark” circles and generally would not last unless it was somewhere else on my face. It could be my application style or the product, but I’m glad it works EXCELLENT for my acne scars on my cheeks. It’s very easily blended into the skin, but for a more full coverage, DO NOT use a brush. It will SHEER it out! Granted, this product is buildable, but it will take more time if you are trying to build it up with a brush verses your fingers. In my experience, using my fingers got me to the full coverage I needed with the least amount of time. Also, I needed to PAT this product into my skin, not rub it in because it will only sheered the product out.

Overall, for ME, this is NOT a concealer for under eyes, but it lives up to its claims on my face when concealing my acne scars =]

Skin Before - Acne Scars

Skin Before – Acne Scars

With Stila Concealer Applied

With Stila Concealer Applied

I hope you all enjoyed this makeup talk! I will write to you all again next week, hopefully!

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