REVIEW: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms in Sultry, Standout, & Shameless and Lacquer Balms in Whimsical, Flirtatious, & Enticing

Hey everyone, I have a post I have been SO excited to do! It is featuring the NEW Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms & Lacquer Balms ($6.99-$8.99 US). I have six colors to share with you, 3 matte shades and 3 lacquer shades. So let’s take a closer look!

L to R: Shameless, Standout, Sultry, Whimsical, Flirtatious, & Enticing

Ok, to start things off, I purchased these colors at RiteAid for $8.99 each, but they were on BOGO for buy one, get 50% second. I definitely recommend doing that to be a little nicer to your wallet. Like I stated above, I purchased 3 matte shades, Shameless, Standout, and Sultry, and three lacquers Whimsical, Flirtatious, and Enticing. I thought all six colors were uniform in their creaminess, hydration, and PIGMENTATION *happy dance*. The only area where they differed was STAYING POWER.

I think I will show the lacquers first and review them for you all.

L to R Whimsical, Flirtatious, Enticing

L to R Whimsical, Flirtatious, Enticing

Whimsical, Flirtatious, & Enticing

Whimsical, Flirtatious, & Enticing

I have the colors Whimsical, Flirtatious, Enticing. These lacquers, as a whole, were not my style. I do not usually go for really shiny, sparkly lip products, but I really wanted to like this product, but it was a no. If you LOVE sparkle, get this product. The colors that I purchased were hydrating, but when they dried down, they got a little sticky. Also, when they start to fade, the color disappeared on my lips, but that GLITTER remained FULL force, not a fan. It looked like I attacked and killed a Sparklepire from Twilight!

The lacquer colors did not last as long or in as good condition than their matte counterparts. I think the lacquers whether you liked them or not will really DEPEND on the individual, and it did NOT work on this individual.

115 Whimsical was my favorite of the lacquers shades that I have. It looks like a more pink fuchsia on my lips. I got about 3-4hours of ACTUAL power before the GLITTER took over which lasted another hour even after eating/drinking.

125 Flirtatious looks RED in the tube, but on me, it looks like a deeper fuchsia. This color REALLY wanted to be my favorite, but it actually caused my lips to be VERY irritated as in, they BURNED. Thanks, but no thanks, my lips were NOT for this color or whatever reason. It was the ONLY lacquer that irritated my lips. I think it’s because it had the MOST glitter.

150 Enticing is a BEAUTIFUL red, but it was the one the FADED the FASTEST. *sad dance* It had the least amount of glitter that showed up, and another color I really wanted to love. Alas, I NEED my reds to LAST and not cop-out after 2-3 hours leaving me with hints of previous presence.

115 Whimsical

115 Whimsical


125 Flirtatious


150 Enticing

Alright, now for the MATTES! (My favorites all around)

L to R: Shameless, Standout, Sultry

Shameless, Standout, Sultry

So……I LOVE these MATTE BALMS. Honestly, I am on the fence about two colors, but all three colors met expectations for me. I have the colors Sultry, Standout, and Shameless. Creamy, buttery, smooth, WONDERFUL is the best to describe these matte balms. They are hydrating like I have said before, but only in that they will not dry out your lips. I have VERY dry lips and these products keep my lips comfortable throughout their wear time.

What I have ADORED about them is how they FADE throughout the day. Like all lip products, they do not last forever, but they fade uniformly in only getting a bit lighter in color especially after eating/drinking. I really liked how they do not COMPLETELY disappear in the center of the lips. When you reapply, the new added color doesn’t WARP the color already on the lips. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this formula! So now for the colors!

225 Sultry on me is a peachy rose color. I have seen this color warm  up on other skintones, but I am still working on making it more flattering on my skin. I like this color on me, but do not love it…yet. I hope that will change.

250 Standout is the PERFECT red for my skin. A nice warm red that is still COOL enough to not turn ORANGE *happy dance* when applied. It is my FAVORITE of ALL the six colors I purchased. I think if you want to try ONE color from the mattes, choose STANDOUT. I think it would nice on everyone!

215 Shameless is a deep violet on me. This is definitely the ONE color that I am SO on the fence whether to keep or not. I think that it is beautiful, but I do not know if that is true on me. I think it is WAY too COOL to really be flatter for my skintone. I do think there will be people who can pull it off or purple enthusiasts will go crazy for it.

225 Sultry

250 Standout

215 Shameless

Whoo! I am just a LITTLE tired from the length of this post, but I hope you found this post/photos helpful. Overall, I really enjoyed the mattes than the lacquers. I do not normally LIKE Revlon products, but these new products DEFINITELY put the brand into consideration.

Thanks for checking out weekly makeup post!

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms in Sultry, Standout, & Shameless and Lacquer Balms in Whimsical, Flirtatious, & Enticing

  1. I love the matte balms. I’d been looking for a perfect purple forever and Shameless hit the spot. It’s also a little cool for me as I’ve got golden undertones but I adore the colour so make it work. I find that a coral blush or lilac lipgloss really lifts it.

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