Meet Christina! Your New Makeup Contributor!

Hello everyone in the blogger universe! My name is Christina and I am SO excited to be able to contribute to the 2KinkyLadies family!
I have been asked by Tori to add some makeup related posts here and there and I was MORE than happy to do so! I hope that everyone will enjoy my style of posting, and, of course, ALL the makeup I am going to be reviewing for you all.

Now, you are probably wondering, how do I know Tori? Well, Tori and I go WAY back like elementary years BACK. We lived in the same neighborhood in New Orleans once upon a time when things were simpler. Life happens (Hurricane Katrina) and people lose track of one another. So, I was VERY excited when Tori found me on Facebook, and when she learned of my Youtube channel, I was able to help promote her site and giveaways.

Alright, so back story of our relationship has been stated and documented, and I guess now should be a good time to tell a little about myself.

Well, as I wrote above, my name is Christina and I am 24 years young. I’m from New Orleans, but moved out to Georgia in 2005. I got really interested in makeup and hair and decided to start a Youtube channel MsStrawberryBacon in 2010 to mainly document my hair journey, but more so to prevent stir-craziness as I did not have a job.
With my channel, I documented 3 years of hair journeying(yeah, it’s a word), the ups and downs and my constant regimen changing for my relaxed hair. Well, I grew tired of my relaxed hair. I don’t hate it, but I have been yearning for a change and am currently growing it out. My last relaxer was in July and I am still on the fence of what to do, but I am focused on just ENJOYING my hair in all it’s new mixed textured wonder.

As far as beauty is concerned, I definitely have an addiction! I can NOT leave my house without AT LEAST my brows and eyeliner done, AND if I am in a fancy mood, I will throw on some red lipstick. I feel like I am constantly searching and reviewing makeup blogs to be aware of all new and upcoming drugstore makeup launches. I REALLY do hope that you can enjoy and get excited as I do when I write up the post of these amazing makeup finds. Some will be not so great, but I hope my reviews will help in determining the right bangs for your buck. Because MAKEUP AIN’T CHEAP! That’s why I LOVE stores that accept returns!

But other little random tidbits about me are, I LOVE Batman, dairy cows, honey mustard, CVS, cosplay and anime, and Spanish!

Anyway, before I ramble, I just wanted to create an intro post so that everyone here will know what they are getting into!

Take care and look forward to my first official post featuring MAYBELLINE COLOR ELIXIRS complete with swatches!


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