The Off-Center Bun

I received an email update from a natural site I follow and contained in the email was a tutorial for this style. Now, my hair isn’t quite as long as the woman in the video so I had to improvise a tad for my length. It’s my new favorite bun style. I’ve received a few compliments on this style already.

Mine was done on a fresh braid-out, but the key is the hair has to be stretched, drawn up into a puff, and loosely gathered at the ends with elastic, or if your hair falls a little short like mine, loosely pinned at the base–or in the center–of the puff.


2 thoughts on “The Off-Center Bun

  1. This is a cute while professional easy go-to style. The neat thing about natural hair is that there’s endless styles to discover and create because of it’s texture. Such fun!

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