Kitchen Chemistry // DIY Whipped Shea Butter Pomade & Everyday Hair Cream


I’m a big fan of Naptural85, Whitney. I’ve been a subscriber of hers since I first went natural four years ago and she is one of my favorite natural hair gurus. She has gorgeous, long, healthy hair that she maintains with a very simple hair care regimen (and you know I love simple) using two shea butter mixtures to help add hold to and define braids and twists, smooth flyaways, and retain and prolong moisture. Since I recently purchased more shea butter (reunited and it feels so goo~oood!) and I enjoy mixing my own products, I decided to give her recipes a try rather than using it straight from the package like I normally do. Whitney’s recipe can be found here, if you’d like to give it a turn. I also suggest you watch her video so you know what I mean by sticky shea butter mixture and creamy/everyday shea butter mix. If you ain’t got time for all that, the sticky shea mix is the thick whipped shea butter blend and the creamy, or everyday, shea mix is the one with the thin cake batter consistency.

My blender broke a few days ago and I don’t own a hand mixer, which you will need, so I used a whisk to whip the shea butter mixtures by hand (hand cramps suck). I followed the recipes according to Whitney’s estimations, but substituted sesame oil for jojoba oil and added an extra ingredient, Suave Naturals Rainforest Fresh conditioner. I added about a teaspoon to both mixtures to give them an additional moisturizing property and also to suppress a bit of that distinct shea butter scent, which I’ve grown accustomed to and rather enjoy, but the smell isn’t for everyone.

Pro Tip: I get my shea butter on Amazon from either HalalEveryday or SmellGood. Both sellers have THE cheapest shea butter prices I’ve ever seen for premium quality butter. I bought 3LBS from SmellGood for $7, not including shipping. They also sell 5LBS for $12. Not bad at all.

I tried the creamy everyday mixture on my daughter fine, silky curls first. Being an active toddler, her hair always ends up falling apart and frizzing within a few minutes of romping around so she needs a pomade-like product to help reduce frizz and hold the styles without making her hair waxy, oily, or greasy. The everyday shea butter mix was just what she needed. It provided a light, soft hold for her bangs and chignon and minimized frizz even after she took a nap and put her hands in her hair. Oh, but the everyday creamy mixture is a winner in my book for that alone. Prior to use of this mixture, I would put her hair into the cutest styles only for her to lie down or rub the back of her head on the car seat and destroy them. No more! I’m marking this mixture as a staple pomade for her hair.

I used the creamy shea butter mixture as well for my mini twists. I applied the sticky shea butter mix to my twists to preserve them so they continued to look like first day hair. It minimized frizzing at my roots and revitalized my ends when used in conjunction with my Elixir. From that initial application, I periodically refreshed the moisture and shine of my hair by using the creamy mixture with a light spritz of Elixir until wash day. On wash day, I used my clay mixture followed by a protein deep conditioning treatment using coconut milk, honey, and TRESemmé Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner. I then towel dried with cotton fabric and used my Elixir to dampen my hair before applying the sticky shea butter mixture and two-strand twisting. Later that day, I caught hands-in-hair syndrome bad. My hair felt like it was thanking me for the much needed overall boost in moisture and shine and I just couldn’t stop smoothing my fingers along the baby soft, fresh twists. When I took my twists down the next afternoon my hair was so supple, it had a soft hold, it was shiny without feeling oily or greasy, I had zero trouble with frizz while unravelling, and while the shea butter added a little weight to my curls, they didn’t feel too heavy and still had a lot of movement and bounce. At that point, I remembered why I grew to love shea butter so much and wondered why I bothered to venture off and experiment with other butters and oils in the first place. There was really no need nor excuse other than a recovering product junkie falling off the wagon. smdh

Anyway, I love both of these mixtures! They help my hair maintain the necessary moisture and hold it needs for a long period of time without product buildup and since it’s beginning to get cold here, it’s about that time to whip out the shea butter, anyway. I need that heavier product to help my hair resist the harsh, dry temperatures to come. There’s also the added bonus of using straight shea butter on my skin to keep it from drying out and cracking. It’s just a great, versatile product.

You may recall a brief experiment I did with mango butter and Eco Styler that didn’t turn out quite right. Well this time, I will be trying it with shea butter and a new, inexpensive gel I’ve been using lately. I hypothesize that using a gel base and adding the shea butter only as a compliment will give me the results I’m looking for; a thick moisturizing pomade for slicking my edges down and perhaps giving my hair a stronger hold compared to the sticky shea butter mixture. An update about that experiment along with a product review video (having some editing issues) will be up soon. Peace & Love

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