Two Texture Troubles

Handling my straight hair and my swiftly growing natural hair has already started its issues. I’m down to just using the Hawaiian Silky curl activator and Designline curl enhancing gels to get a curly Afro going and I’ve been rocking them with a headband.


The days that I hate the outcome of what my hair chooses to do are again the days I get the most compliments. I’ll be due for a henna treatment soon mostly for the keratin that will reinforce my hair while I transition. Already I’ve come across the issue of the straight hair stays moisturized but the natural hair feels dry. Last night I used the greenhouse method with my Profectiv/JCBO/Coconut Oil mix on my scalp and sealed the cream with my organic coconut oil.


It is becoming my nightly routine. I cut back on how frequently I wash my hair. Instead of washing maybe three or four times a week I’m down to two co-washes at the most a week. I’ll be returning to doing the VO5’s moisture milk as a deep conditioner once every two weeks. The silk proteins in their product (which is not only cost effective but awesome to be heavy handed with) keeps my relaxed and natural tresses from working too hard against one another. I always find that I have less breakage when I maintain a biweekly protein treatment and co-wash twice weekly.

Truth be told my goal is not lengthy locks of hair cascading down my back… it’s healthy hair. For fun though, I’ll still do length checks. Why not? I’m committed to a year of only trimming monthly and keeping a healthy regimen including my water and food intake. I’m always on the go so water sometimes poses a problem. So I keep my water jug on me and refill it as often through the day as possible. Which we drink so much water now it’s time for a new filter for our pitcher and we just got it a few weeks ago!

How is your hair journey coming along? E-mail me some of your tips and tricks you’ve come about and I’ll feature them and my results as I test them!

~Take care~


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