Hand in Hair Syndrome: Intensified!

I have run my course with my patience for my chunky box braids. I think I only completed perhaps two and a half weeks, if that. I missed my hair far too much, despite the conflicting textures. Not being able to run my fingers as freely at my roots for my nightly massage became irksome. Fortunately taking them down took solely a fraction of the time I required to install them (as always). The weight lifted helped my hair and scalp breathe as well, considering Louisiana’s humidity.



Since my chop- to creamy crack – to transitioning I haven’t cut my hair any further. I’m going to tough it out hopefully until next year and trim maybe once a month by whole moons. My eyes have been fixated on my calendar, which is hilarious that I can find the time for that when I should be looking into my next hairstyle. Since I’m on a sales floor nearly 40-42 hours a week I try to keep things simple. Lately, slapping in a curl pudding mixed with a curl activator I’ve been able to don a scarf and link a retro-glam style. I’ve polished it from when I used to try it earlier this year. The results have been adorable, but my curl pudding has been leaving my not so natural ends very crunchy. The roots cling to the Hawaiian Silky activor, remaining moist and springy. It’s odd because my hair simply did not respond that way before however, the roots are in a more virgin state. Last night I applied a little of the Profectiv Strengthener to my ends and applied coconut oil all over. I then bagged my hair and tied it down for an overnight greenhouse effect with my very impressive body heat.



Hopefully by the end of next week I will also have acquired more peppermint oil and castor oil. The combination is heavenly. In another blog site I read that cold pressed castor oil is actually more effective than JCBO because of nutrients lost in the process of making JCBO. I’ll be looking further into it since other naturals swear by Jamaican black castor oil. I’m a huge fan of whatever works for you rock it!
Now to toil through the workday and do more planning for next month’s product of the month!




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