Tai the Transitioner

Another transitioning chapter unfolds on my hair journey. It is a little upsetting but at least I’m not transitioning blind. My hair at my nape and the rest of my edges are already coiling at the roots, returning to the curls I miss so dearly. To say that I was simply attached to my Afro is an understatement. I did not begin to fathom how much it mattered to me until I realized – dang, it’s shot to all hell.

Pity party aside I’m transitioning with different staples. I’ve mixed coconut oil, JCBO, and Profective root Heath and Profective strengthener into one of my old Cantu jars and use it daily.




Not only that but right now I’m into week two of my protective style of a month period- chunky box braids.


Sorry about the photo quality it was late when I took it. I’ve been maintaining frizz with aloe vera gel, and will be investing in aloe vera juice by the end of next week for a leave-in spray. Now with my hands out of my own hair of course I’m maintaining my baby bear’s curls with Shea Moisture for baby. I’ll be reviewing that shortly with how it’s been keeping his curls so far.


His hair stays lightweight with it and springy. Which says much for the 15 minutes I spend chasing him down just to slick it through his hair as we run about.
Progress entries to come as I push through these next few weeks until I take the braids down.


3 thoughts on “Tai the Transitioner

    • Hey! Glad you dropped in! Transitioning can get frustrating but the rewards are endless. The biggest thing is finding moisturizing products that work for both your hair and scalp without clogging your pores and still keeping your hair healthy. I find my hair changes not only by the season but also doesn’t take the same product every few months. πŸ™‚ HHJ!!!

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