Yarn Locs on my Beaux’s Hair


So funny thing about July, as I decided to texturize my hair my darling decided to loc his up.

This post is pretty late since we actually had to take them down around the middle of the month. As far as the method went we were on track but the recommendation of using rubber bands pulled at his follicles. That has made August a resting period for his hair and we will reinstall them at the beginning of September. 20130824-111656.jpg20130824-111613.jpg

So the method I used to do his yarn wraps was simple. I braided each section a bit, the proceeded to wrap going back up the shaft then came down the braid again. Finished the end with a braided tip then burned the ends.

I used flat bobby pins on some groups of the locs to train them to lay flat. And my parts were so precise he had everyone asking him how and who managed to do his locs. Hopefully I’ll have an extra set of hands to help film as I redo them next month.

The goal is to get his hair to loc as stress free as possible. I was using coconut/olive/tea tree oil mixes on his scalp which was helping his hair gain thickness and nourished his scalp. Daily gentle scalp massages helped ease the tension he was feeling (he’s finally experienced our pain!) even though I was careful not to pull or braid too tight, he has a very tender scalp. The Jamaican lime braid spray is my favorite go-to. The spray itself helped heal the more tender parts of his scalp.

We will see what September brings with his loc journey! I’m excited about it probably more than he is. There will be updates!!!


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