“This is not at all what I expected”

So my latest fiasco has cost me my lovely Afro. About two weeks ago I had this genius idea to try to loosen my curl pattern a little. To attempt to meet those lovely curls you see above, owned by none other than mini me. I won’t lie the recent trim that scaled my fro far smaller than what I had been used to really was what hurt me.



I panicked and reverted to the creamy mess of a texturizer despite the outcry of friends and my boyfriend who were all telling me jut be patient. Well, now I’ve done it. Had that Luster’s pink in for not even 3 minutes and my curl pattern was shot. Now my natural hair journey has become an unraveling tale of transitioning back and learning even more about myself. My lack of patience has really done it this time. As I mourn my lost locks of tangled 4c kinks and spirals I’ve bought my arsenal: Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil, and the lovely but not forgotten scarves. I’ve been rocking my straight hair as if it is just my Afro all thanks to Silk Elements curl enhancer gel and

20130809-002649.jpg Hawaiian Silky Curl activator that was doing nothing to my stubborn hair before. I have come to accept that it is not my hair being contrary but me. Instead of braiding myself back up I flipped over to the dark side. Depressing!!! Lesson very well learned. Of course Cherish’s beaux joked that I’m very much so fired. But even in this I’ve learned from my regression and others can too!
My edges lately are extremely dry so I continue to baby them with Cantu’s leave in repair.


As you can tell I’m at the bottom of my jar. Plenty of love for it especially since I whipped organic Coconut oil into it. Here’s to a new journey- long term transitioning.


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