5 Tips for Getting the Product Junkie Monkey Off Your Back


I used to be a big product junkie (as much as one could be on a student budget), but back then I justified it by saying I was looking for staples, even though I had no veritable idea what I was looking for. I would see a product review on YouTube, stumble across a few items at the store, and click on product links on my favorite sites just to get a new product to try, telling myself that this product was going to work better than the last. Eventually, I wised up and learned what I needed to look for in my products to get the results I want and that I should focus on that.

Fast-forward to now, and I know what works for my hair and I have my staples and their alternates (I think everyone should have a cheap, easily attainable alternate for all of their staples for various reasons), I still find myself fighting off the urge to purchase products I haven’t tried even though I don’t need them. I can no longer plead that I’m looking for staple products, I just want to try something new with no real intention of permanently incorporating it into my hair care routine. Like a playboy just looking for the flavor of the week, such is my struggle with product junkie-ism. I have to avoid the hair care aisle like the plague lest my innocent browsing turn into a shameless haul video smdh.

There is nothing wrong with trying new products, but there is a problem when you do it so often you’re cluttering your bathroom and not using all of them. I know I can’t be the only one who still has a product junkie monkey on my back so here are some tips for the recovering product junkie:

Don’t even set foot on the hair care aisle, or online stores, unless you actually need to replace something.

That’s where we all go wrong. We wander onto the aisle, or the online store, just to browse and peek at ingredients for things we might want to try “in the future” and end up convincing ourselves we need it now. Keeping off the aisle completely will help curb the itch. Just step away, ladies.

Bring only enough money for what you originally came to get.

Can’t buy it if you don’t have the money. Hands off the plastic too!

Stop watching product review videos until you need that type of product.

There is nothing wrong with doing a bit of research, but a bunch of women telling you how great a product worked on their hair is just going to make you want it even more.

Use up the products you already have or swap with someone else for a different product.

Tell yourself you’re making room for the new products by finishing off the old. The last thing you need is an empty pocketbook and a shelf cluttered with products. Use up the ones that worked for you and give away the ones that didn’t. SwapSack has a great page on Facebook for women to swap new and gently used products for money and/or other products. Save your coins, girl!

Push come to shove, sign up for a subscription service.

Subscribing to a product subscription service will keep you from spending large wads at the store and online and still allow you try out new products (full and sample sizes) for a flat rate per month. You get to have you cake eat it too, basically. Curl Kit and SwapSack are two great product subscription services and also two of the cheapest. The whole point of them is to allow you to try out tons of new products without breaking the bank. Again, whatever you don’t like trade or give it away so they won’t overtake your bathroom.

I hope these quick tips help someone stop the itch and save their wallet! Peace & Love

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