Natural Box Braids


Don’t mind my busted earbuds. My retro headphones keep shorting out or breaking.

I’ve done twists with my own hair a million times and I love them and get complimented on them frequently (people always think they’re locs when the two strands start curling up on themselves too), but I wanted to do a protective style that’s a little different from the usual rotation. I’ve never done box braids with my natural hair aside from larger ones for braid-outs. I decided to do them this time around because they stretch hair, show length better so I can gauge growth, and aren’t as prone to shrinkage as twists.

I’ve been reluctant to do them since I went natural because I was afraid my hair would get tangled and I wouldn’t be able to remove them without ripping out hair if I did them too tiny and I didn’t want to do them too big and look like a little kid. Since this was my first time doing them for the purposes of wearing them as a style and I’m still afraid of tangling, I did them small, but big enough where I can easily undo them with my fingers. Next time, I’ll do them mini sized and more uniform in size and shape. I just grabbed sections at random instead of twisting in rows like I normally do.

I started on stretched, dry hair and after I was done, I spritzed with my Elixir, applied TRESemmé Split Remedy leave-in from tip to root, them smoothed Eco Styler gel over them, pinned them around my head in a fashion similar to a wrap, then tied them down with a durag and a satin scarf to prevent frizz and keep the twisted ends stretched. I like them and I think they turned out pretty great, but I wish I would have braided them smaller so they would appear more dense and full. I don’t like a lot of scalp showing with styles like this. I know better for next time. I’m keeping these in for two weeks and from there I may section off braids and undo, detangle, and re-braid into mini braids or mini twists. We’ll see.


To care for my braids for the next two weeks, I’m going to spritz them every night and tie them down the same way I stated above. Periodically, I will reapply Split Remedy leave-in to protect my ends and Eco Styler for frizz protection. Last thing I want is for these babies to get dry and frizzy then start locking. Cross your fingers for a good braid-out! Peace & Love

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