That Sinceriously Irks My Face // Pseudo-Naturals


Yes, the infamous Quahog News segment anchored by Peter Griffin in Family Guy and in the words of Peter Griffin, you know what really grinds my gears?

Celebrities who tweet pictures of their natural hair, but never wear it out in public. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that there are celebrities who are natural, but as celebrities they are iconic of what’s “hot” in fashion and entertainment. People look to them as a representation of what is acceptable as far as the standard of beauty, whether consciously or unconsciously. That said, they are–and I use this term rather loosely–role models for the younger generation that makes up their fan base. This is not to say that today’s youth are mindless sheep that blindly mimic celebs (though, many of them seemingly are and there have been many a Nicki-Minaj-a-like to prove it, but that too proves my point), but I am saying the celebrities play a huge role when it comes to body image because they are, as stated earlier, representative of what the world considers beautiful. It’s just not enough to take a pic and say “Hey look at me! I’m natural too!” then expect there to be a ticker tape parade and back patting all around when it’s ALWAYS under a wig or weave. In my not-so-humble opinion, this is the equivalent of talking the talk without walking the walk. You really want to show everyone you’re natural and proud of it? Wear it kinky once in a while to an award show, wear it curly at a concert, or other public appearances. Otherwise, it looks like another cheap Twitter publicity stunt and becomes exploitative of the natural hair movement.

Before the naysayers speak up, I understand many celebrities justify donning weaves to “protect hair from constant manipulation” while working, but that’s still no excuse when other celebrities do manage to wear their natural hair on a regular basis. I’m not downing weaves or wigs. I’m downing the excessive and obsessive use of them in the African-American celebrimmunity (damn right I made that up), particularly the currently trending/A-list celebrities. Whether they like it or not, there are people that look up to them and it would be a great feat on their part to inspire confidence in little natural girls everywhere if they would wear their natural hair out in public and while working, even if it’s just sometimes. While there are many natural celebs who do wear their hair out on a regular basis, many of them are older than the age group I’m speaking about and they aren’t as mainstream. Young people need to see more of those that are constantly in the media and in their age bracket confidently displaying their kinks because once THEY start doing it, it becomes more widely acceptable as part of the standard of beauty; and isn’t that the main goal of the natural hair movement?

In closing, I simply implore that those more popular celebrities who wear wigs and weaves on a regular basis, but have natural hair underneath be more willing to wear their out every now and again, or all the time, as such an action would serve as a major boost to the overall acceptance of natural hair outside of the NHC and show young black girls everywhere that natural hair is just THAT awesome. Peace & Love

Don’t just let me rant. How do you feel about celebrities tweeting singular pictures of their natural hair, but not sporting it in public?

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