More Headwrap Styles in My Repertoire + Prenatal Vitamins?

20130328-233348.jpg20130328-233419.jpg20130328-233452.jpg20130328-233501.jpgHeadwrap style #6 French Roll

<;p align="center"20130328-233717.jpg20130328-233722.jpgHeadwrap style #5 Side Twist Halo (with rolled, pinned, and tucked twists) This one can also be done as a turban.

20130328-233731.jpgHeadwrap style #4 Classic Turban

Along with sharing the headwraps I’ve been doing lately, I wanted to share a couple changes to my regime. First, let me start off by letting you guys know where I’ve been for the past week or so. I went back to my hometown, NOLA, purely on a whim. It was a fantastically romantic idea for my husband and I to just pick up and take a vacation! I got a chance to show him all the things locals do for fun rather than all the touristy stuff. He enjoyed it so much, we’re working on moving back down there. YAY!!

20130328-230551.jpgShaky camera work and poor lighting, but this was my hair while still a teeny bit damp at the roots. A little product is still visible20130328-230630.jpgMy wash-n-go after HiHS (Hands in Hair Syndrome) and the wind got to it. Frizzy in the front, but still curly in the back, at least

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, we can get down to the recent changes made to my regime, which has a bit to do with my brief hiatus. While staying in Metarie, I ran out of my Elixir, which wasn’t a problem since I normally go several days without having to re-moisturize. However, on the trip home, it struck me to stock up on the Suave Naturals (SN) coconut conditioner that’s such an integral part of my Elixir, thinking I might be able to find it a bit cheaper in Louisiana. Well! I hadn’t bargained for a nearly 340+ mile trip home where absolutely NO stores we stopped at had SN conditioners in stock! I was baffled. I thought to myself, “Has this item really become THAT popular? What, I gotta fight to get my bottles first? The hell is going on?” It wasn’t until we were 30 minutes from home, just outside of state lines that I got my answer. The nice woman working the register at a CVS we happened upon while filling up on gas and sustenance quite plainly, and in my opinion, quite humorously explained after I inquired, “Oh yeah. We’re having a sale on those and those stupid coupon queens come in here and buy them up, like 14 at a time. You just missed them.” I was like Whaaaaaaa?

Not to be put off, we moseyed over to a clearly visible Walmart, towering in all it’s blue glory. My thought process was that, “It’s Walmart. They HAVE to keep everything in stock… right?” WRONG! To my dismay, when I located the hair care section all they had left were the SN coconut SHAMPOOS! I simply refused be bothered with defeat so I had to crouch down and search the shadowy depths of the back of the shelf, amongst a sea of coconut shampoo to find the lone bottle of SN coconut conditioner cloaking itself amidst the ‘poos, man, but there it was. Of course, I couldn’t leave with just one. I use these bottles up fairly quickly so I wanted to stock up, but with no other bottles of coconut conditioner, knowing that I may not find another bottle in a 50 miles radius (seriously!) I was forced to pick another blend from SN. I grabbed the one bottle of coconut conditioner and began comparing ingredients to the only conditioners left. I found two that were right up my alley. Rainforest scent, containing aloe vera and bamboo extract (which contains natural silica and protein) and a Water Lily scent (also containing aloe vera, but with vitamin E) were about what and what on the ingredients list and they smelled equally delicious so I said, “Screw it. I’ll buy these two and if neither of them works out, at least I didn’t buy a ton of them.” Oh but I wish I HAD! As soon as we got home, I mixed up a new bottle of Elixir using the Rainforest blend and not only did it smell like cucumber melon body mist or watermelon Skittles, it makes my hair feel fricking AWESOME!! I dare say, better than my beloved Tropical Coconut. I want to ride all the way to Walmart and buy up the whole shelf of these! I love that the silica in it is completely natural and that it also contains protein, which was my biggest issue with having to substitute for the coconut conditioner. Just watch, the next time I go to the store, they won’t have it anymore. I never see the same scents more than once, except the coconut and the blue one, but maybe I just haven’t been paying attention.

I also began taking vitamins again, but this time they are prenatal vitamins. I’m well versed in the overtly split opinion over whether prenatal vitamins are safe for women who aren’t pregnant and are not trying, but I just don’t care. As long as I don’t experience any adverse effects, there’s no harm in it. They have a small increase in certain nutrients, but other than that, they are just multivitamins. If you don’t agree with that, to each his own. I notice vitamins working about a month after taking them so I will report back on any noticeable growth increases–or decreases–then. Peace & Love

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