The Cream of Nature Argan Oil Experience


So most of you know that I’m working towards finding my staple that works with my hair. It’s a tedious task. I work outdoors and it becomes a hassle trying to retain moisture without looking like I stepped out of a Soul Glow commercial.

My castor oil (which has about 25 drops of pure peppermint oil to keep my scalp from itching) is far too heavy to use on workdays on my scalp. As the temps rise the oil runs which also causes recent breakouts. I love it but I will need a carrier oil for workdays. But before I do that I’ll see if it is not user error. I am typically heavy handed.

Seeing the current issue with that, I decided to go against my curly girl conversion and try the Argan line from Cream of Nature. I adore the original shampoos and conditioners because detangling became a breeze! I also used the originals as a teen. So I got all excited and bought the leave-in, the moisturizer and the treatment.

Never again. Now admittedly I broke my first rule – read read read your ingredients. Then turned around and broke the second – do a sniff test. If it’s questionable at the BSS I will hate it once I’m home. Well the ingredients were all but fun.

The Treatment



So as if I hadn’t goofed up enough with Curls the second ingredient is glycerin. There are different types but at that amount my hair was like hah hah you’re funny. This won’t do. Not to mention the cones and alcohols and sulfates involved. I had massaged it in after shampooing with the regular Cream of Nature and did a 15 minute shower with it in, hoping the steam would be my ally. No. After a cool water rinse to seal my ends my hair felt squeaky stripped. The shampoo had been more nourishing. Plus the fragrance of it was a bit much. I was like ok, not expecting amazing results after the first go round. I moved on to do my usual LCO since LOC is a little backwards for my mane.

The Leave-In



The Strength and Shine Leave-In Conditioner was far more fragrant than the hair treatment (if that’s even possible). I had misted my hair and was given the look of death from mini me. He was unimpressed and wasn’t even around when I had used it, the scent had just really lingered. It was pretty overpowering but some people like that. I prefer (if there is a scent) things that are subtle or natural smelling. I usually allow my hair to air dry a little before applying the cream of my LCO.

The Moisturizer



Okay of it all I did enjoy the moisturizer but for my hair it wasn’t anything to really get excited about. It worked almost as well as the ORS moisturizer does in my hair. I went root to tip with it and sealed with some EVOO, baggy’d my hair and had this the next day~

Needless to say I passed the trio over to someone else and have started a hunt for something else that works. If my hair falls in love with anything other than Cantu leave-in I will be genuinely pleased. Till next time!


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