Catch Up Time

Ok, yes curlfriends it’s been a while. My old phone (from which I often posted) died a long and pitifully slow death. I had waited things out far too long anyway. That aside I’ve got tons to update you guys with.
At the beginning of the month I started a slightly modified curly girl/castor oil challenge. The castor oil challenge is going well but I have the worst case of HIH (hand in hair) syndrome. I’ve been doing a few “out” ‘dos and I’m feeling a wee bit guilty. Not just that but I was doing the sulfate free round up, but it seems I haven’t found my godsend just yet. I’ll be buying tresseme naturals in April and giving that a go. Needless to say pushing 40 hour work weeks, spending time with mini me and devoting final free time to things I was volunteered to do- its been hectic.
So I was working with the Curls line.

Just to see how well it would work for me. Last year I swore by its coconut sulfate free shampoo. Too lovely.
This year the spray and the moisturizer were everything but that. Hooray lost hope in Curls. My hair and the amount of glycerin in the product were not jazzing in the slightest. The Creme Brule was nourishing for a good five minutes on a humid day. Even with misting my hair with my mini spray bottle hope was lost.
The Culprits



I’ve returned to Cantu leave in for now. My oils are pure coconut and pure castor oils that I bought from a health store.

Many more reviews from my nonporous hair to come. Sorry for the wait! Drink tons of water ladies and HHJ!



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