A Life Lesson Born From Moments of Inner Peace


Today, I chose to wear my scarf in a totally different way than I normally do, stepping outside of my comfort zone again to try something new. I have become increasingly fascinated with the allure of modest beauty. It may seem like a lesson I should have 20130315-144424.jpglearned long ago, but I’m only now realizing that I don’t always have to have a certain amount of skin exposed or wear something form-fitting to feel and appear sexy. Femininity itself is what makes a woman beautiful. Keeping that lesson in mind, I have tweaked my wardrobe yet again to reflect my inner self. I discovered the reason I wear certain outfits is because I want someone else to notice me and think I am attractive, not simply because I like it and *I* feel attractive wearing it. I need to stop thinking about what someone else thinks of my appearance and just be. Up until now, I was confident that I didn’t really care what people thought, but that simply wasn’t true. image

I resolve to always be true to myself and not let what others think dictate how I dress, feel, or think. My style is more organic and while I do enjoy getting all dressed up once in a while, I am most comfortable in organic colors in styles that are heavily inspired by Indo-African culture. I’m evolving again and it feels wonderful. I marked the first day of this inner transformation with a piercing I’ve wanted to get done for a long time, but didn’t because others told me they wouldn’t like it. And this all spawned from a sari and a wrap dress… 🙂


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