Taking it Back to Headwraps: Call it Lazy Protective Styling


I hit a block in my protective styling ideas so I thought wrapping my hair again would be an awesome way to protect my hair and still style without having to manipulate it. I hopped on YouTube to search for new ways to tie my scarves, got a few ideas, and tried out some, but this cute, french twisted design is what I selected yesterday to run errands and have lunch (and Texas style margaritas) with my bro. I decided to have my curls off my shoulders, but in a poof–aka my Build-A-Bear fluff–for a vertical wrap. On this particular day, it struck me to let my hair show at the peak. If anyone would like me to do a tutorial on the wrap, please don’t hesitate to ask.






Here is the outfit I wore with it. I was unable to place my camera in a position where I could capture a full-body shot so you can’t see my solid black leggings and my beloved purple suede pixie boots. It was much warmer than it’s been in a long while, but still too cool for having arms and legs out (shoot), unless you managed to stay in direct sunlight all day. I can’t wait for warm weather, festivals, barbecues, picnics, and sno balls, or as most people outside of New Orleans call them, “sno cones!!”


I’ll be sharing more of my headwrapping ideas soon, but for now, I’m pretty stuck on this one. It may just be my new favorite. Peace & Love

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