Low Manipulation Protective Styling: Twists

After ending my 90 Days of Updos challenge, I noticed I started manipulating my hair more often. I wanted to do more styles without having to wait a minimum of two weeks before I could change them up. To help curb the itch, I put my hair in twists so it would be protected, moisturized, and I could do different styles once or twice a week. Worked like a charm.

I used Eco Styler gel and my vegetable glycerin spritz mix to twist my hair and I must say I was extremely impressed with the results. If you recall my review of Eco Styler gel versus flaxseed gel, you may remember me stating that Eco Styler has a strong hold and can cause your hair to be crunchy if you aren’t careful of the amount you use. Well, I noted that my spritz mix appears to eliminate that potential problem. Despite using a decent amount of gel, my twists are soft and supple almost as if I didn’t use any gel at all, plus, the added benefit of giving my twists a little more weight and movement. I attribute these facts to the wonderful humectant properties of the vegetable glycerin and the solubility of the gel. These two products are perfectly in tandem. My hair is in a happy place.

My only complaint about the use of these two products together is the crazy amount of product build-up I get over time, especially at my hairline. Sometimes the gel will become visible [along my hairline] in certain areas (areas where I used a gob of gel), but a little water and a brush usually remedies that problem and allows me to stretch whatever style a little longer until wash day. The product build-up only becomes an issue when the weather has created more moisture in the air than usual. Here in Tennessee, humidity really isn’t much of a difficulty, not like back home in NOLA. In NOLA, it gets maaad hot and humid during and after the rain. The air gets thick and heavy with it, and for me, can be felt when I breathe it in. The humidity there was a curse when I was relaxed, but now I welcome it with a Cheshire smile. There are plenty of days where you don’t really need any product, let alone a humectant. It’s a natural wonderland of moisture. Anyway, I just wanted to share this style I did when I had my twists in:


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