And the Winner of the Jane Carter Giveaway is…

Sorry for the delay, folks. I originally planned a video announcement, but that idea quickly dissolved as my search for a replacement for my broken down vehicle consumed a much larger portion of my daily schedule than I had planned (I had the audacity to think it would be an open-and-shut affair. Little did I know…), but that’s neither here nor there and an entirely different subject!

To select the winner we assigned each valid entry a number, utilized a random number generator to select three finalist, and finally, allowed the random number generator to select the singular winner out of those three. So who won the Jane Carter Solutions prize pack?


Congratulations to Shaela85! We will be contacting you via YouTube and email for your information to send you your prize. Thank you to everyone who entered for partaking in our giveaway and many thanks to SwapSack for providing the prize. I, personally, thoroughly enjoyed the video response from one user; it was both funny and informative. Perhaps in the future we will give subscribers yet another opportunity to win a little something. You never know. 😉

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