Kitchen Chemistry // Brown Sugar + Sea Salt

seasalt and brownsugar


This is a pretty great combo. Especially for those having any at home couple’s spa days this weekend. Sadly my hubby-to-be and I are loving each other from afar right now, we can spoil each other later. In the meantime~ we have the kettle corn effect in this blog. Sweetness for the hair, and sweet and salty for the skin.

In my kitchen, sea salt is one of the must haves. I try to use it for almost everything sadly. When cooking, since it is so flavorful, a little bit goes a very long way. Even a half pinch can be used while you’re baking to bring a balance to pie crusts or yummy cookies. If there are sore throats in the house my fiance (or myself) will use the sea salt/ vinegar/ warm water mix to gargle with. I scrub our chopping boards with it and baking soda. With sea salt being so coarse, it takes a while to wear down, that allows me to get into any crevices I may have missed. So let’s dive in on this sea salt side of the DIY.

sea salt in a shell

Sea Salt Soak

The sea salt bath actually aids those with skin conditions. A 3/4 cup in your bath naturally opens your pores and improve circulation. This also helps with hydrating your skin tissues. For added effects to the bath, add lemon oil and lavender to detoxify your body. The lemon oil acts as a deep cleanser and lavender oil is a purifier.

During your sea soak, you’ll want to indulge in this sweet recipe for your curly top.

brown sugar
Brown Sugar Hair Scrub

This hair scrub is ideal for those with oily, clogged pores or an oily scalp. This can be used on both your face and on your scalp. Be mindful that raw brown sugar can be too coarse for your face, there are finer brown sugars. The mixture removes the excess oil and impurities from your skin. Also in taking the time to spoil yourself,  it also improves the circulation to your scalp. Two key elements in hair growth.

What you will need:
2 tbsp of olive oil
3 tbsp of Brown sugar
3-4 drops of tea tree oil (for the scalp, as an antifungal)


Follow with a wash and (if you’d like) a deep conditioner. It’s great after the scalp is exfoliated and open to nourishment! Enjoy curlies~!

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