Featured Natural // Kia


What is your name, where are you from, and what is the natural hair scene there like?

My name is Kia ‘Sangria’ Jackson and I am from North Brunswick, NJ. The natural scene where I live has caught on like wildfire. There are so many more women that have made the transition from relaxed hair to that natural journey that I am also embarking on. Within the past six months, I have noticed such an increase in the number of individuals I come across who are now natural.

Why did you decide to go natural and how?

It was a decision that I made after seeing a coworker and learning her journey. I was so interested in what she had to say about natural hair. She told me I should try it. Just try not getting a relaxer anymore and just see if you can transition into your natural hair. My last relaxer was May, 2012. It was a bit difficult transitioning for those months with these two totally different textures of hair. On November 7, 2012 I decided to do my big chop.

Did you encounter any obstacles in your journey?

The obstacles I encountered during my journey were minimal and probably common with other naturalistas. Initially, trying to style my hair was an obstacle as I didn’t anticipate so much shrinkage. Also, the amount of time it took to actually do my hair on a daily basis from start to finish definitely increased. I had to wake up 45 minutes earlier, just to ensure I had enough time to attempt my style and to give me room for any potential ‘do overs’. My last obstacle I would say is finding the right products that work on my hair. I am only 12 weeks into my natural hair journey and I am still trying to find staple products that work for my hair type. I actually enjoy this part of the journey. This is where I attain a lot of my education about natural hair.

How would you describe your hair texture?

I have actually found that I have (3) different hair textures, they are 3B – curly spiral, 3C – curly coily and 4A – coily springy. They all have a mind of their own. lol

What is your styling regimen?

As I am still finding products that work for me, I am now using a free sample from Miss jessie’s PILLOW SOFT CURLS or Entwine Couture Hydrator, Crème Jelle Styler, Crème De La Mold and Argan Oil for shine. I typically finger coil my hair at night and sleep in a satin bonnet, I will separate the finger coils in the morning and then pick and lift my roots thereafter.


What is a typical wash day like for you?

I typically wash my hair weekly. That regimen consists of a weekly pre-poo of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (with drops of lavender), a co-wash with As I Am co-wash, and drying with a T-shirt. I then use my made homemade flaxseed hair gel with drops of Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Sweet Basil, Vitamin E and Lavender essential oils. I then finger coil my hair and allow to air dry before separating and styling.

What things do you do for your hair that benefit it the most?

I ensure to dampen and massage my scalp before applying the homemade flaxseed hair gel in order to stimulate my hair for growth. Also pre-poo (pre-shampoo) by applying extra virgin coconut oil in order to condition the cuticles of the hair.

What are some things/practices you steer clear of when it comes to your hair?

Avoiding any type of sulfates (shampoo) as well as heat on my hair.

Do you have a website/blog/vlog where we can locate you?

I have created a group on Facebook NATURAL HAIR DON’T CARE to assist individuals in their transition back to natural.







2 thoughts on “Featured Natural // Kia

  1. I absolutely love this story! This is my BFF & she has also encouraged me to go natural. Her styles are beautiful & hair so healthy! You go Ms Jackson!!!! Great share if your journey
    Follow Natual Hair Don’t Care on Facebook!!!

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