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Newly natural or even in love over time ~ it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow and you need to be READY! Here are a few haute ideas for the lovely evening. Some may have a Valentine this year – and some may not. Regardless of your dating/relationship status, it’s still nice to do something for the numero uno.

The Outfit

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If you don’t find yourself the greatest at this – start with some simple but elegant items. Dresses that accentuate our lovely curves as women like the peplum or the standard fitted dress that is tapered to create an hourglass – are great go to’s. From there we have –

The Shoe

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Heels always give great lift to the butt, shape the calves and create an elongated effect on one’s legs. I love accents on the toe or the heel itself, it always catches the eye! The best part about shoes is the flexibility that they can give an outfit, from evening to casual.


Simplicity is nice, and sometimes gaudy can really make jaws drop. It’s all on how you want to present your final touches. I typically go for more lavish jewelry when I have a plain approach to my outfit. Even an LBD can be a stunner if it’s dressed up properly. With the little red peplum number, I would use the accents like drop or chandelier earrings, a wide belt and unique pumps. Always carry a purse or clutch, they’re great to conceal flats for later.

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Hopefully these can drop a few extra ideas! Most of these are from Macy’s, JCP, and my all time favorite Charlotte Russe! Be easy, loves!

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