Hair Envy + Black History Month: Esperanza Spalding


In honor of our month – even though I feel like everyday should be a day to remember our roots –tonight, I’m honoring Esperanza Spalding. I have always admired this lovely woman for her fierce hair and the milestones that she has made with her art. A native of Portland, Oregon, this neo soul bassist clung to her diverse background and indulged in it through music. Not only that but she also adapted and changed over the years as she grew into her own and allowed other genres to influence her music. In 2011 her flavorful sounds evolved her into a Grammy Award winner for Best New Artist. Esperanza is the first – and only – jazz artist to win the award.


Esperanza’s mane is genuinely a head turner! The rich color, the fullness and how healthy it looks! The most admiring part of her Afro is the way that her curls just take a life of their own. It makes her seem so carefree, just like the love you can feel in her music.


Esperanza’s style is ever changing, but she always stays true to her individuality. The large layered accessories and flawless natural looking face always drew me in. I enjoy make-up on occasion, but more often than not you’ll find me bare faced. Or I’ll have lip gloss and mascara with shadow and liner. I don’t do foundation or concealers, and the infamous little red sponge is my sidekick at formal events (thank God for those).


The spring/summer outfit she pulled off here is one of my favorites. It’s accomplished with a romper, heeled sandals, and a bolero sweater. Don’t be afraid to adorn yourself with many flawless accessories!





Accessories take any outfit from neat to chic! There is SO much that she has to offer. It’d be better to experience Esperanza than just to hear of her.


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