Damp Kiddie Perms

Hello, all! I got tired of the cornrows pretty quick so I kinda let them get frizzy by not wrapping my hair at night and just plopping down on my satin pillow, which isn’t the best way to preserve flat-twists. It’s as if somehow in my head it makes sense to neglect the style, thereby effectively showing it it’s no longer welcome upon my head. I did–I feel it should be mentioned–keep them moisturized and used satin scarves as headbands to cover the frizziness when I went out. 20130204-012112.jpgHowever, after several days, I was over it. I took them down and started doing twists of various sizes, re-moisturizing and doing some light detangling as I went; with one of those thick, orange rat tail combs, no less (that is how well my spritz works! I LOVE it). When I was done, I banded them into low pigtails, tied them down with a satin scarf, and went to bed. The next morning, I removed the scarf and bands and was admittedly surprised at how well they turned out! I’m not sure if anyone else will know what I’m talking about, but my twists look as moisturized and soft as the little girls’ hair on the kiddie perm and texlax boxes. image
And wasn’t that how they got you?? The model’s hair would look so good and you would think to yourself, “Oh, my hair is going to look just like that,” and it never did, but I digress. Actually, my twists remind me of the little girls with well-moisturized natural ponytails that had that soft, damp look to them even though they were completely dry. Look, enough of my feeble attempts to describe my hair. See the pic. lol

The products and methods used seem to have given my twists more weight and kept them stretched. This is the first time my twists didn’t feel somewhat on the dry side after moisturizing. My veggie glycerin mix is the golden ticket!

See what I mean about the damp look?

See what I mean about the damp look?

I have no use for other moisturizers anymore and the Eco Styler Gel works so well with it. I’m just so thrilled to have figured out a recipe for something so cheap to make, extremely effective, and a cinch to use! Trifecta! The last time I tried a recipe for a leave-in type moisturizer, it was the Kimmaytube leave-in and in the end, it wasn’t worth the cost to make it. It was just a souped-up Kinky Curly Knot Today, when you really analyze it. Just add oils and aloe vera juice. Don’t get me wrong, it worked pretty well, but it can’t even see my spritz, let alone touch it.

I’m still comparing Alberto vo5 conditioner to rhassoul and bentonite clay, but I’m thinking this is as cost efficient as my products are going to get. I just can’t quit my clay wash; nothing else makes my hair feel quite as squeaky clean and conditioned, not even the SM Moisture Retention shampoo. It’s like a spa treatment for your hair!

In other news, I’m working on some mini/small twist hairstyles for Valentine’s Day on my YT channel as well as editing a Valentine’s Day eyeshadow tutorial.
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