Speakerbox // Fathom 9


Today’s featured artist is actually a former co-worker of mine who produces some of the best underground hip hop music I’ve heard in a long time. You’ll hear none of what I like to call techno-hip-pop that you hear on the radio and TV. No, no, this is something much more soulful and human; not cookie cutter or superficial. His music is what you listen to on a sunny Saturday afternoon in summer, nowhere to go, just cruising with friends and having a good time. It’s music you kickback to and even do a little step to. It’s the soundtrack to a great day and a chill night.

How would you describe the sound and feel of your music?

*Chuckling to myself* I could dispense a very verbose answer to this question, laced with metaphysical, mystic, and esoteric undertones, but I’ll just simply say that my music is in many ways a mirror to myself. It is a medium in which I am free to express…me—every facet of self. But, my music is much more than a tool for me; I am its conduit. I feel it has a life of its own, and I have been commissioned to convey the message it wishes to share. So, we are mutually bound—a beautiful and painful symmetry.

What pulled you into the business of music, or in other words what drives you?

I don’t like to always view it as a business, though business is very much a part of what I do. But, I can’t really ever explain what any one thing pulled me into the life of music. In jr. high—I only saw one path: science. I wanted to attend an Ivy League institution and become a theoretical physicist. While I loved music, and it was very much a refuge from the craziness in my personal/home life, I couldn’t fathom its greater scope in regards to my life.
And while I’m unable to give a concrete answer as to the what, I can say—in whatever capacity, music has very much so become a part of my life-force, as in without it, I feel I’d be lost…

What would you like listeners to take from the music and lyrics you produce?

I’d like for listeners to feel my naked self, in my music, and through my lyrics. I would never presume to dictate the interpretation they hold, but just for them to know my music/lyrics represent my truth—from balls to bones.


What are your views about what hip hop is currently defined as and the legacy it will leave behind?

Hip Hop—I would say in many ways it continues to innovate and grow in leaps and bounds. The downside of this is that much of the awesomeness that is hip Hop music finds little mainstream access. If people can’t hear it on the radio, or view it on television—it is virtually nonexistent. Most of what people see and hear, or have access to is all there, and that’s the farthest from the truth.
The legacy of this music—AND culture (Hip Hop is more than just the music) will persist and evolve so long as artist and listener seek to preserve it, and restore a level of BALANCE. New school artists will need to not only acknowledge their predecessors, but honor the fact that they ARE because of those who came before, and the importance of respecting that truth. There is a vast chasm of disconnect within this culture, so much so that it has been relegated to a monolithic commodity. There are many reasons as to ‘why’ this is, but in the end—the power to restore balance and reconnection lies with the People: both artist and listener.

Tell us where we can get more of your music.

Links to Fathom 9’s music etc:

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