Destiny’s Child + Natural Hair Care On a Budget

Getting over my lack of confidence in my flat-twisting abilities, I said screw it and decided to do a few styles that relied heavily on them (you may have seen my revised pin up girl updo in the Jane Carter giveaway video). This time around, I chose to do a 90’s cornrow style. Remember when Bey used to rock the cornrows and braids all the time back in the Destiny’s Child days?


Yeahhh, you remember. I was feeling fancy after the giveaway video and gave it shot. I actually didn’t have enough Marley hair on hand to do a full head of twists the way I would have liked, but I’m making do until I get a chance to hit the BSS again.


I’m clearly feeling it. How about you?

Aside from that, if you haven’t checked out my updated regimen, you may not know that I have stopped moisturizing with Suave Naturals and instead taken a more simplified–and fiscally friendly–approach by revisiting an old favorite, vegetable glycerin! One day, I just hauled off and bought a bottle for the sake of my campaign to decrease the time and money I spend on my hair. In a spray bottle, I mix a base of water with an eyeballed amount of vegetable glycerin and Suave Naturals to spray on my hair twice a day before hopping in the shower. Results thus far? Fantastic! My hair is super soft to the touch, manageable, easier to detangle, and well moisturized. Never has moisturizing been so EASY! Just spray and go. I was even able to cut out the use of oils altogether, but I will be experimenting with them and/or butters along with my new spritz next wash day. In short, it’s the biz! With my vegetable glycerin, clay wash, aloe vera juice, conditioner, and gel I now spend roughly $25 every 6 months to a year for the bare essentials (I buy in bulk). That’s damn good, yeah! Anyway, I’m off to shoot some makeup tutorials. Peace & Love!

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