When your twist outs/braid outs go horribly, HORRIBLY wrong…


We all have those mornings. You’re pressed for time, work in a few minutes, or dropping off the kids and then running errands. You side-eye that silk bonnet on your head and pray,

“Dear Lord, let this be exactly what I hoped for.”

You rip off the bonnet, your fingers delve into the mass of braids or flat twists and you come to find that not only is it still wet, but your hair is looking a hot mess. I cannot count the times that it has happened. Thankfully each experience has allowed me to reap a new style. 🙂

Today I wanted to finally take my flat twists down. I had them in since last week and I’ve been wearing hats with my silk bonnet under them as a protective style. I have countless knit hats and they really do keep the silk bonnets hidden once I pin them to each other.

So here I am thinking my castor/ tea tree/ olive oil with Jamaican lime braid spray combo would be banging! It was quite the opposite. My hair just went through a lot with the dye so of course I had not seen it in a while. My little afro was amazingly soft, moist … and no where near the style I had hoped for.

Oh my, don’t look now but – the sides had no texture at all. The crown of my head and the back of my head had some fun kinks to it, and the nape of my neck was just slightly wavy.

So I did the next best thing. I was tired of rocking the retro puff, so I opted out for a faux braided headband and a real one for a pop against my hair color, right behind it. The real work was gently combing out the hair just at my edges so I could braid it and smooth it down.


Ahem, disregard the deer in the headlights look. After being in twists for a  short while, my hair was like “yeah, no thanks.” I braided only to my ear on the left side and just two inches above the ear on the right.


I worked the extra kinks out mostly with my fingers and my wide toothed comb and proceeded to just shape my ‘fro. Bobby pins as needed, and used my satin jersey headband for an accessory.

Hair crisis averted in a matter of minutes!


I’m now street worthy :D!


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