Yaaas! That is correct! (in my best Oprah voice) We are hosting our very. first. PRODUCT GIVEAWAAAAAAY!! And we are EXCITEEEEEEED!!! Calling all product junkies! If curlBox left a bad taste in your mouth, this one is for you.

If you haven’t heard of curlBox and CurlKit by now, where you been?? Underground?? They are both online subscription services which send out natural hair care products along with vouchers and coupons for about $20 a month. Sounds bad-ass, I know, BUT the number one complaint amongst those who subscribe to such services is that they end up with items they don’t use or like, mostly due to ingredients in the products. In many cases, subscribers end up giving away the majority of the products they received. I don’t know about you all, but I’m a big fan of getting what I pay for and if *I* ended up receiving a box full of products I don’t like or use, it is no longer worth it to spend my hard-earned money on the service. Enter SwapSack, an alternative, brand new product subscription service that aims to combat that terribly common issue.

Unlike the other subscriptions geared toward kinky-curlies, SwapSack is set up so that if you do end up receiving an item in your SwapSack that you don’t want or simply didn’t work for you, you can easily swap with or even sell to someone else in order to get something you do want via the company’s Product Swap group! Wait. It gets better. Not only can you swap or sell unwanted items received from SwapSack, but also items from OTHER subscription programs! In fact, it is encouraged! Wait. It gets even better! You can also customize your preferences for things like no sulfates, no silicones, no mineral oil, etc. AND it’s cheaper than any other subscription service out at $14.50/mo!

Ayieta Crawford

Ayieta Crawford Owner/Founder of SwapSack

SwapSack owner and founder Ayieta Crawford approached us after reading my post about Myleik Teele and the curlBox fiasco and asked if we would like to host a giveaway for this innovative subscription program. She provided info about SwapSack, I thoroughly combed over the SwapSack site and shot some questions at Ayieta, and after that, we agreed!

Here’s a description of the product sampling service from Ayieta Crawford herself:

Different from other subscription boxes in three ways:

1. SwapSack is all about the products. It is the most affordable hair and skin care product membership service at $14.50 per month. One way we do this is by eliminating the filler. No fancy boxes and tissue paper, no monthly magazines. We focus on the stuff, not the fluff.

2. Unlike other subscription boxes, where all members receive pretty much the exact same products each month, SwapSack gives our members a variety of different mixes of products — members SwapSacks will not all look the same. This maximizes the ability for members to swap products they do not want without worrying about everyone having received that same product.

3. SwapSack will allow you to exclude one category of ingredients that you prefer not receive. Subscribers have the option to receive SwapSack in “No Parabens”, “No Sulfates”, “No Silicones”, “No Petroleum (mineral oil)”, or “No Protein” options. You can also choose to have no preference. These preferences can be changed at anytime during your subscription.

Below are questions that were bound to come up so I made a list and sent them to Ayieta. Here is our Q & A session:

Specifically, what brands will be included? Many people were disappointed when they received products they could have bought for much less in-store, such as Motions and African Pride, when it came to curlBox.

– I cannot say specifically the brands that would be included because getting them will be an ongoing negotiation with those companies. However the mix will include those like Jane Carter, As I Am, Kynx and Shea Moisture, to name a few that are already on board. We will always focus on quality products working mainly with the smaller boutiques, which for the most part create more natural products. I work constantly with the Facebook swap group and fan page to get feedback from members to continue to provide them with high quality products. I know people don’t want a box full of products they can find in their local stores so there will be a mix and each SwapSack will have a retail value that exceeds the $14.50 price.

How many full-sized items will be included in each box?

– The amount of full sized items will be largely determined by their retail value. If you receive a full sized item with a retail value of $20 it may be the only full sized item in that sack, but you’ll still receive 4-8 items. Now, I’ve been a subscriber to several monthly subscription boxes and would hate to open a box with just one full sized product in it (like I did this month with a couple of subscriptions), so I can pretty much say that there will hardly be a sack with less than 2 full sized products. If so, it’s because the one full sized item’s retail price is really steep.

How can a subscription be cancelled and if someone purchases an annual subscription, but at after some months, no longer wants to participate, can they be refunded for the remaining months?

– You can definitely opt out of a month to month subscription at anytime. We use PayPal so you can do that yourself without having to write to us then wait for us to cancel or we can do it for you.
– Annual subscriptions come with a discount, but I am not one to want to hold an unhappy customer hostage. I will work with anyone who wants to opt out of an annual subscription by allowing them to cancel and refunding the balance of their subscription price minus the cost of the sacks they have already received.

How, step-by-step, does the swapping process operate?

– To swap products:

1. Take a picture of the product show both the inside and outside of the container so that swappers can see the name of the product and how much is remaining.

2. Post the picture in the Facebook Swap group letting swappers know what you would like in exchange for it

3. Once someone is interested in swapping with you and you come to mutual terms – via private message exchange addresses. If payment is involved, we recommend that it is handled via PayPal, then process that part the transaction.

4. Ship items to your swap partner with delivery confirmation and message them with the delivery confirmation/tracking #

…As a small product maker myself, I’ve contacted curlbox and curlkit to try to include my products. Each service now expects a minimum donation of 500 products to be featured in their boxes. Smaller companies can’t afford that. However there are many emerging brands worth trying and SwapSack will work with them by requesting substantially lower minimums for inclusion on our sacks.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m anxious to get my hands on one of these SwapSack boxes. I love that SwapSack is reaching out to small business product makers; it gives them a chance to get their brand out there and introduce new more organic products to the market. Now, to the giveaway!!

The Giveaway:

***The giveaway will be open for entries from today Jan. 21, 2013 through Saturday Feb. 9, 2013 11:59 PM***

To Enter:

1.) You have to be a subscriber to 2Kinky Ladies
2.) You have to be a subscriber to the Black & Bohemian YT Channel
3.) You must also like the SwapSack Facebook page
4.) Leave a comment on the video (on Youtube) telling us whether going natural has changed you in any way (physically, mentally, emotionally). If you have been natural all your life, tell us your feelings about the fads/bandwagons that occur in the natural hair community.

We will check to make sure you meet all the requirements.

For more info on SwapSack:
Swap Sack Facebook page
Product Swap Group***

***You DO NOT have to purchase membership to SwapSack to join the Product Swap Group.


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