Fashion // OOTD: You Can Never Go Wrong With a Dress


This is actually an outfit I quickly threw together to go to the store (for all of ten minutes) a few days ago. I always say you never know when you might run into to someone you know so I always try to look at least a little done up, nothing major. I don’t own a full-length mirror so I developed the habit of taking pictures of my outfit when I’m just throwing things together to check and see if whatever I have on looks crazy. The dress looks more blue in this picture, but to look at it firsthand, it’s actually more black, taupe, and ivory with subtle flecks of blue. I like to play up colors in my outfit that don’t really stand out by adding items in that same color range. That being said, the grey-blue, black, and ivory scarf and the navy stripes, I think, is what makes the dress look more blue.

The dress is from H & M (UK). I have no idea of the price; it was a Christmas gift. It’s so versatile and I love versatile dresses, dresses that can be worn for nearly any occasion. This day, I gave it a casual swing, but I have a few ideas to make it night-out-worthy.

The sweater is a seasonal item from Target. It was around $15 – 17, I think. My friend and former co-worker always tries to “steal” it. lol I also developed a quirk for buying two or three of the same thing in different colors/color schemes. The other sweater is grey and lilac.

I’ve had that scarf for years and I’m pretty sure that was either from Target or Walmart. I also had some plum purple suede pixie boots on with some black leggings.

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