Christmas // NYE 2012 // 90 Days of Updos Challenge COMPLETED

Hey, everyone! First official post of 2013! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday. As predicted, the Christmas dinner at my parents’ was hilarious and at some points even awkward. Long story, short, someone took a few too many dips into the “egg nog,” which consequently *almost* caused certain dinner selections to be left uncooked, dinner was late, there was some awkward conversation at the table, minor irksome family quirks, and a stroll down memory lane. Great stuff! I’m laughing as I type! Holidays are always better with my aunt (she’s the fun one).

Sorry, I don’t have all my pictures because my laptop’s charger has shorted out so I am unable to transfer them at this time. I’ll post them later once my new one comes in next week.

Remember the pin up hairstyle I wanted to do for Christmas? Yeah, that didn’t work out. Not the way it was supposed to, at least. I ended up with a very similar style that ended up getting quite a few compliments. I don’t have any pictures (even though Lindsey told me to take some). I’ll still do a tutorial on that and some other styles I’ve come up with since then.
Side Note: I inadvertently looked like a hot Mrs. Claus with my red pencil skirt number, but hey, I was dressed for the occasion, right?


NYE: We didn’t attend any parties or even go out to eat. There were no fireworks. In fact, it rained so there were no fireworks, period, but that didn’t stop the locals. They pulled out their firearms and shot into the air repeatedly. WARNING: Tangent –>;;;;; Who the hell thought it would be a grand idea to fire bullets into the air?? Some of those shots were fired what sounded like two houses away or the next street over. Then, to add insult to injury, the damn 911 line kept giving me a prerecorded message about not being able to complete my call. The hell?! What if I was shot and dying? I digress.

For NYE, I had my hair styled in what I affectionately refer to as a monkey bread frohawk (that’s what it looked like when I was done). The style came from YTer Thekglifestyle. I don’t have any pictures of my own hair in the style, but I do have the video tutorial for you:

This style was superhero fast and basic. I didn’t even use a mirror; I just took down my previous style and haphazardly separated sections and pinned. Great when you want something cute, but edgy.

My 90 Days of Updos Challenge is over!!

I can finally wear my hair out again! Length check:


That red line goes directly through the center of my bra strap. I’ve retained a good 1.5 inches in the back and a little over an inch on the sides. The back has always grown slightly faster. Upon completing this challenge and viewing the results, I have made the decision to continue incorporating protective styling into my regimen. I have really grown to appreciate and enjoy it. Before, I was in a style rut so doing this challenge has also helped to expand my repertoire and stir the muses.

I did a pin curled fro for a day before realizing it had been a good little minute since I washed. Every time I even touched my hair, several strands of shed hair would come out and tangles formulated large “fairy knots” and sister locs. My scalp was hella itchy and suffocating in product build-up and oily dandruff. Gross. I had manipulated my hair from one style to the next without even so much as smoothing loose hair out so I ended up with early stages of matting too. It was then I concluded that some heavy-duty detangling was in order. I pulled out my modified Denman for the first time in over a year and went to work:


Maaad shedding. Your eyes fool you not. That big sum’m a biscuit is what came out of my head. A literal handful of shed hair. My scalp felt like it took a giant gasp of air when I was through! It made me realize that can’t finger detangle anymore. I CLEARLY wasn’t getting all the shedding and that was causing some pretty ugly knots to form.

I want to document that I altered my detangling process not just by using my Denman, but also by doctoring my shampoo. I took my Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter shampoo and added some EVOO (I estimate about 1/4 cup) to what was left in the bottle. The ‘poo has great slip all its own–for a shampoo–but I wanted more. I was attempting to embellish the established slip in order to stretch my conditioner; I was fed up of going through half a bottle of my Suave Naturals on DTing, detangling, and moisturizing. I had excellent results! I finger detangled and then ran my mod. Denman through all while under the water, I applied my altered shampoo, and then ran the Denman through again. Like a fork through whipped cream. It took a good little minute to do, though seeing as the longer my hair gets, the smaller the sections I have to put it in. I had to take a break to eat and watch a movie halfway through. By the time I was done, the hot water had gone out on me thrice, my feet were mildly fatigued, my arms were tired, and I was too exhausted to moisturize and seal. I almost went to bed with nothing on my hair but my trusty T-shirt, but then I got myself together and whipped out my oil and conditioner. That was probably the shortest part of the whole process. Untwist, conditioner, castor oil, re-twist. My hair feels great! Soft, clean, refreshed, completely moisturized, manageable, and fully detangled! Consequently, I will continue to purchase SM’s shea butter shampoo as my backup, lazy day hair wash.

Alright. That’s all I’ve got for today. I have article drafts to write and tutorials to record. See y’all next time. Peace peace.

P.S. My birthday is coming up soon (Jan. 17) and I will be 25. There’s something a little off-putting about being halfway to thirty. I’ve never been so vain, worrying about my skin, my body and its youthfulness, dressing appropriately for my age. The upswing is the maturity. No more drunken mayhem parties for me; just dinner and wine with upbeat lounge music. No huge group of friends and strangers filling up the house; only my inner circle for humorous and intelligent conversation (with a little gossip thrown in). Strange how I’ve changed. 25 is something I have [no choice but] to welcome, but also recoil from. It’s bittersweet. Bittersweet 25.

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