UPDATE// Torridiana777 & Hair Teaz

As I may have stated in my last post on this topic, I have been keeping in touch with a few who have purchased from Eden’s Lapel (the website where Hair Teaz can be purchased) and so far no one has received an order to my knowledge. However, a fellow YouTuber commented on my video about their order, writing that Torridiana777 (recently revealed to be Torriana Towns, co-owner of Eden’s Lapel) is now claiming that she never denied ownership of the company. This instantly sparked a dialogue in which I requested more insight as to what platform this statement was made. The result was several screenshots of her PayPal dispute in which Torriana Towns expresses her exasperation over the entire affair and does indeed claim she never said she did not own the company but instead chose not to volunteer that information. It appears that rather than apologizing for lying to consumers, she chose to lie YET AGAIN in order to turn the tables and point the finger of blame toward those who questioned her and caught her with her hand in the cookie jar. Disgraceful.

Observing the screenshots I have posted below, you will note that one is from the comments of Torriana’s second Hair Teaz video in which I and another YouTuber asked whether she owned the company. She clearly states she does not own it and that it wasn’t even her idea. However, upon reading the transcript of the dispute she all but outright claims it as her baby, her idea, her product.

Before hearing from this particular YouTuber, another I was in contact with informed me that a mass email was sent from Danielle (aka Torriana Towns of Eden’s Lapel) full of grammatical errors in which all recipients’ email addresses were visible. Below is a quotation of what that email contained:

“To all of my customers thank you for your patients we are doing every effort to get your packages out to you this week. No we are not a scam, please dont believe everything you read or hear on the Internet. We are loyal and will not take from any soul. Please trust that. Negativity will always work its way in when good is being done. This is not a scam and EVERY BODY WHO ORDERED WILL RECEIVE THEIR PACKAGE. Thank you for trusting us and hope that all of you will get benefit from the product and see what we have in store for the future. Also look for the shipped notice in your email. Thank You”

Many others have initiated the refund process via PayPal, utilizing the mounting evidence available and have expressed feeling as though they were misled and that they bought the product under false pretenses, which by definition is a scam (even if one were to ever receive said product). Has anyone actually received their order (because the two weeks for shipping for the initial round of customers is up)? No one has come forward. If you have received and used Hair Teaz (preferably more than once), please comment below and tell us of your results as well as your experiences with ordering and/or any complaints you had.

Customer’s Complaint to PayPal:




Danielle’s (Torriana Towns) Response via PayPal:



Evidence Contradictory to Torriana’s Claims:


6 thoughts on “UPDATE// Torridiana777 & Hair Teaz

  1. I think it’s dirty how she went about it (the whole thing: before, during, after…I mean, up until today). I’m disgusted. I just subscribed to this girl and will be unsubscribing….

  2. She is fraudlelent. I watched all the videos she made about Hair Teaz and she said repeatedly that she was not the owner. Making smart remarks to people talking about “I’m glad you think I would come up with this wonderful idea, but I’m not the owner.” She disabled all of the comments to several of her videos because people was challenging her. She had another online company selling earrings. I really do not like deception.

  3. I Received my order a few days ago.. They sent me an extra order because I told them i thought shipping was free!! i used it about three times and im seeing difference in my hair already!

    • That’s great! I’m very happy to hear the product works. I’m still very disappointed she chose to lie an then cover that lie with another, but at least her product is getting results. Thank you for letting us know.

      • no problem! yeah its still a bit confusing as to why .=/ but i am happy in regard to how it all worked out! I will probably order some of the other products to test them out as well! i was also offered a discount for my next purchase as a cancellation for my shipment taking longer than it should have 🙂 i will keep you updated if anything else should arise

  4. WOW…. that’s horrible… she totally gives a bad name to entrepreneurs who have a legit business, who invest time, money and energy into their product and use various channels to promote and advertise.

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