WHYB (“Where Have You Been” for the late folk)

I’ve been MIA for a few days, I know. But I have a good reason! I have been meticulously editing cracking out over a video I shot and working on some new post ideas. I’m quickly popping in today to give a little update of what’s to come in the next few posts.

Upcoming Updates:

    YouTube Vids:
  • Face Beat// Natural Looking Makeup
  • Regimen Building for Noobs: A Newly Natural’s Guide To Developing a Hair Care Routine
  • Braid-Out Protective Updo
  • 90 Days of Updos Check-in
    2Kinky Ladies Posts:
  • Kitchen Chemistry// Clay Hair Wash Experiment
  • Kitchen Chemistry// Experimenting With DIY Beauty Products
  • Natural News// Tennessee Lawmaker Pushing for Establishment of Natural Hair Care Schools in TN

Alright! Break’s over! Back to work! Peace peace!

PS For those of you wondering, “Who is this Lindsey person [the second Kinky Lady] and why don’t we ever see her?” Yes, she exists! Lindsey hasn’t been able to post because she’s had her hands overwhelmingly full as of late. Fear not, people of the blogosphere! We’ll have her “coming out” post soon.

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