Protective Styling is Harder Than it Looks


I love big, fluffy, curly puffs. It’s a fast and simple go-to style. My puffs tend to look more like that curly, soft stuffing they put in the Build-A-Bear dolls (they do!), but I digress. I see pictures like this and it makes me want to take my hair down and wear it out everyday. This is exactly what makes it a challenge. I love playing in my hair and experimenting with styles every few days, but I have to force myself to stick to my guns and complete the remaining 66 days. I’ll recreate this style with my Marley hair to pacify my urge to let loose the curls.

Photo Credit: Serenity Jones (pictured above), Instagram: OhSerenityJones


4 thoughts on “Protective Styling is Harder Than it Looks

  1. Are puffs not considered a protective style? It seems to me if its not to tight it’s a god way to keep your ends off your shoulders and your crown stress-free. Am I missing something here lol?

    • It depends on your definition of protective. I LOVE puffs for their convenience and the way they change depending on how I set my hair and how long since it’s been since setting. You’re right, it can be considered protective, but for me, it’s about preserving my ends not just from friction from brushing against my clothing, but also from the environment and hands-in-hair syndrome. I’ve been utilizing headwraps in addition to updos with my ends hidden.

  2. Thank you! I wouldn’t call it high maintenance (well, it depends on the style, I guess). I just miss being able to play in my hair every few days between styles. Now, I have to go weeks without taking down my hair and changing the style. I miss my poof :<

  3. I wish mine looked like “curly, soft stuffing they put in the Build-A-Bear dolls” lol! I would trade it for this stuff that I can’t even descibe. You hair looks great! And yes protective styling is a lot more high maintenance than a weave! I have a friend that would argue me different but hey we napturals know. 🙂

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